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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2881 ns-3 mesh ns-bugs NEW --- Mesh NetDevice fails at receiving IPv6 2018-02-20
2880 ns-3 mesh ns-bugs NEW --- Mesh PCAP is not encoded/decoded properly 2018-02-20
2728 ns-3 mesh ns-bugs REOP --- ns3::MeshInformationElementVector printing error 2017-04-24
2600 ns-3 mesh ns-bugs PATC --- IE11S_MESH_PEERING_PROTOCOL_VERSION should be removed 2017-01-04
2326 ns-3 mesh tomh NEED --- False duplicate frame detection using EDCA QoS data frames 2017-01-23
2265 ns-3 mesh ns-bugs PATC --- Energy module can not be used on mesh devices 2016-02-05
1578 ns-3 mesh andreev NEED --- Excessive execution time that varies with the setting m_step 2013-04-26
1559 ns-3 mesh andreev CONF --- Many tests crash on Debian/kFreeBSD 2013-04-26
8 bugs found.
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