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It is more complicated than you think. [RFC1925]
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2 ns-3 core ns-bugs RESO FIXE Time class a full-blown arithmetic object 2008-07-01
4 ns-3 core ns-bugs RESO FIXE Cryptic Time API 2008-07-01
624 ns-3 routing tomh RESO INVA Unable to modify packet tag in RouteInput () 2009-10-01
201 ns-3 network mathieu.lacage RESO FIXE header files in NS-3 conflicting with those in external library 2008-10-16
881 ns-3 wifi tomh RESO DUPL Reorganise to allow wider use of WifiInformationElement 2020-04-12
484 ns-3 devices ns-bugs RESO INVA Make PointToPointChannel::Delay attribute a random variable 2009-02-06
6 bugs found.
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