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54 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1642 ns-3 core mathieu.lacage NEW --- call of overloaded ‘ScheduleWithContext(uint32_t&, ns3::Time, NULL)’ is ambiguous 2013-04-26
2089 ns-3 wimax ns-bugs NEW --- No actual check about SS state machine in SubscriberStationNetDevice::DoReceive 2015-04-20
1353 ns-3 global-r tomh NEW --- wrong routing table (multipath) 2012-02-03
2585 ns-3 olsr suresh.lalith NEED --- OLSR model does not scale above 300 nodes 2016-12-14
1440 ns-3 aodv ns-bugs NEED --- aodv throughput decrease badly from 20Mpbs to zero 2013-04-26
2987 ns-3 wifi sebastien.deronne PATC --- Invoking of Switch to OFF events, which should actually be canceled in WifiRadioEnergyModel 2018-11-11
407 ns-3 routing gjcarneiro RESO FIXE OLSR is missing HNA support 2010-03-18
3 ns-3 build sy ns-bugs RESO INVA wrong RPATH in 2008-07-01
166 ns-3 internet ns-bugs RESO FIXE Loss of Tag and change in size of Packet using TCP. 2008-06-09
174 ns-3 internet ns-bugs RESO FIXE tcp now fails to send in the backward direction. (orginally it hung) 2008-06-05
400 ns-3 routing tomh RESO FIXE Wifi Muti-Hop Network not forwaring packets (atleast ARP) 2008-12-02
406 ns-3 routing tomh RESO FIXE GlobalRouteManager behaviour after Ipv4 interface SetDown and SetUp procedure 2008-12-03
624 ns-3 routing tomh RESO INVA Unable to modify packet tag in RouteInput () 2009-10-01
409 ns-3 internet mathieu.lacage RESO FIXE Routing messages can exceed MTU, and fragmentation not supported 2011-07-15
1031 ns-3 wifi nicola RESO FIXE Wifi hidden terminal example does not work 2015-06-20
1912 ns-3 wifi nikkipui RESO FIXE There should only be one instance of MacTxMiddle per RegularWifiMac station, the current implementation causes sequence number confusion and drops 2014-05-30
31 ns-3 samples ns-bugs RESO DUPL Cygwin does not run ns-3.0.2 scripts 2007-06-19
996 ns-3 internet adrian.sw.tam RESO FIXE TCP FIN-WAIT-2 bug 2011-09-27
853 ns-3 wifi deanarm RESO FIXE Rates for Wi-Fi control responses are incorrectly selected 2010-06-23
873 ns-3 wifi deanarm RESO FIXE Queue occupancy counter not decremented in WifiMacQueue::Remove() 2010-05-10
168 ns-3 internet liujatp RESO FIXE udpsocket return value not right when sending data. 2008-07-01
169 ns-3 network liujatp RESO FIXE code bug about std::list iterator in function Ipv4AddressGeneratorImpl::AddAllocated() 2008-07-01
679 ns-3 devices mathieu.lacage RESO INVA channel switching causes error 2010-02-11
35 ns-3 core ns-bugs RESO INVA The Packet::AddTrailer function tries to write past the end of the buffer 2008-07-01
57 ns-3 core ns-bugs RESO FIXE memory leak in packet metadata 2007-08-17
77 ns-3 core ns-bugs RESO FIXE Packet uid increments on shallow copies 2007-10-13
107 ns-3 internet ns-bugs RESO WONT ARP Cache is not updated by the reception of ARP Requests packets 2016-11-05
170 ns-3 internet ns-bugs RESO DUPL Tcpsocket::connect( return 0 if no server exists 2008-07-01
171 ns-3 routing ns-bugs RESO FIXE code bug in function (olsr)AgentImpl::MprComputation() about using std::vector::erase(). 2008-07-01
172 ns-3 core ns-bugs RESO INVA code bug in function Resolver::DoResolve()(core/ 2008-07-01
246 ns-3 build sy ns-bugs RESO DUPL Compile errors with gcc 2008-07-01
389 ns-3 wifi ns-bugs RESO FIXE Beacon is sent after DIFS+Backoff instead of PIFS (see of IEEE-802.11). 2008-10-23
896 ns-3 wifi ns-bugs RESO INVA Application traffic stops after changing channel with WifiPhy::SetChannelNumber(uint32_t number) 2010-05-16
2841 ns-3 examples ns-bugs RESO INVA Zigbee in ns3 2018-01-03
2911 ns-3 aodv ns-bugs RESO FIXE Binary exponential backoff unlimmited counts problem 2018-05-13
1095 ns-3 mpi riley RESO FIXE MPI enable configuration failed in Fedora 2012-07-11
875 ns-3 helpers deanarm RESO FIXE "frame includes FCS" flag should be set in Radiotap frame header 2010-05-14
1064 ns-3 wifi deanarm RESO FIXE Correct Friis propagation loss equation in spectrum module 2011-03-01
533 ns-3 core faker.moatamri RESO FIXE Multiplication of Scalar variables does not give expected result 2009-04-23
1013 ns-3 wimax kubota RESO INVA SubchannelIndex is always 0 2010-12-28
1014 ns-3 examples kubota RESO DUPL wimax-ipv4 segfaults when number of subscriber stations increased 2010-12-28
979 ns-3 wifi nicola RESO FIXE Multi-octet fields in Wi-Fi headers have wrong endianness 2010-09-03
983 ns-3 wifi nicola RESO FIXE QAdhocWifiMac will not handle ADDBA Response Block Ack Action frames 2010-08-23
1935 ns-3 lte nicola RESO FIXE Bug in Uplink Scheduler regarding HARQ retransmission handling 2014-09-02
1913 ns-3 wifi nikkipui RESO FIXE Crash in BlockAckManager::GetNextPacket when CleanupBuffers method actually deletes expired retry packets 2014-05-30
534 ns-3 core ns-bugs RESO FIXE non-const Ptr<T>::operator * () returns const reference 2009-04-16
548 ns-3 wifi ns-bugs RESO FIXE missing license in several files in src/devices/wifi 2009-04-16
673 ns-3 build sy ns-bugs RESO INVA new pygen is wrongly recognized 2009-09-09
1043 ns-3 lte peppe RESO FIXE Classes static_LteDownlinkSpectrumModel_initializer and static_LteUplinkSpectrumModel_initializer have swapped the operating frequency band 2011-08-16
911 ns-3 internet tomh RESO FIXE IPv4 multicast forwarding not going to all output interfaces in route 2010-08-10
2239 bake bake tomh RESO FIXE Missing qt4 2015-12-04
2344 ns-3 core tomh RESO FIXE Attribute names can't have spaces 2016-09-10
2250 ns-3 internet tommaso.pecorella RESO WONT An assert causes when large amount of data is being sent and received by nodes 2016-01-02
856 ns-3 network ns-bugs VERI FIXE DropTailQueue: uninitialized variable 2010-04-15
54 bugs found.
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