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All this would be resolved easily with an error-correcting modem...
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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
912 ns-3 wifi ns-bugs PATC --- modeling processing delays 2016-04-07
757 ns-3 ipv6 tommaso.pecorella PATC --- IPv6CP implementation, was: IPv6 link-local address on non-ARP interfaces 2015-07-08
2868 ns-3 tcp natale.patriciello PATC --- code review: CongControl and Rate Sample for TCP in ns-3 2018-02-08
2869 ns-3 tcp natale.patriciello PATC --- code-review: Implementation of TCP BBR in ns-3 2018-06-01
400 ns-3 routing tomh RESO FIXE Wifi Muti-Hop Network not forwaring packets (atleast ARP) 2008-12-02
19 ns-3 core ns-bugs RESO FIXE LogNormal distribution missing 2008-07-01
2823 ns-3 tcp natale.patriciello RESO FIXE TCP pacing at transport layer in ns-3 2017-12-13
21 ns-3 core emmanuelle.laprise RESO FIXE Allow the user to tradeoff the time precision with the maximum simulation length 2008-07-01
852 ns-3 wifi deanarm RESO FIXE Add support for 802.11g devices 2015-01-14
910 ns-3 wifi deanarm RESO FIXE Change Wi-Fi "AccessClass" to something closer to the standard 2010-06-03
942 ns-3 internet jpelkey RESO INVA ipv4-raw-socket-impl should listen more than one protocol 2011-03-16
67 ns-3 internet ns-bugs RESO FIXE separation of TCP and IP headers 2008-07-01
635 ns-3 network ns-bugs RESO INVA Added a "WillDrop" method to Queue class to tell in advance if a packet will be dropped 2010-03-31
638 ns-3 applicat ns-bugs RESO FIXE Add a Tx trace source to UdpEchoClient class 2009-08-13
854 ns-3 general ns-bugs RESO FIXE Support DROP_QUEUE reason-code in Ipv4FlowProbe 2012-02-08
15 bugs found.
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