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20 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
997 ns-3 internet ns-bugs NEED --- Speedup Ipv4EndpointDemux when many ports in use 2011-01-22
2987 ns-3 wifi sebastien.deronne PATC --- Invoking of Switch to OFF events, which should actually be canceled in WifiRadioEnergyModel 2018-11-11
56 ns-3 samples ns-bugs RESO FIXE [patch] proposed global rename of p2p to "point-to-point" 2007-08-08
1912 ns-3 wifi nikkipui RESO FIXE There should only be one instance of MacTxMiddle per RegularWifiMac station, the current implementation causes sequence number confusion and drops 2014-05-30
126 ns-3 document ns-bugs RESO FIXE [patch] some adjustments to doxygen layout 2008-07-01
73 ns-3 network tomh RESO FIXE [patch] PacketSink application 2007-09-10
640 ns-3 core cbellettini RESO INVA NS_LOG_UNCOND and NS_LOG macros 2009-07-16
3005 ns-3 build sy gjcarneiro RESO INVA implementar mptcp 2018-11-03
668 ns-3 wifi mathieu.lacage RESO FIXE not clear which values are to be used for QosTag::m_tid 2009-11-24
787 ns-3 wifi mathieu.lacage RESO FIXE Addition of Two Ray Ground model to propagation loss model and tests 2010-02-08
485 ns-3 core mweigle RESO FIXE implement deserialization of normal/gaussian random variables 2009-03-03
1913 ns-3 wifi nikkipui RESO FIXE Crash in BlockAckManager::GetNextPacket when CleanupBuffers method actually deletes expired retry packets 2014-05-30
484 ns-3 devices ns-bugs RESO INVA Make PointToPointChannel::Delay attribute a random variable 2009-02-06
543 ns-3 wifi ns-bugs RESO FIXE noiseFloor -> noiseFigure 2009-04-15
635 ns-3 network ns-bugs RESO INVA Added a "WillDrop" method to Queue class to tell in advance if a packet will be dropped 2010-03-31
638 ns-3 applicat ns-bugs RESO FIXE Add a Tx trace source to UdpEchoClient class 2009-08-13
672 ns-3 mobility ns-bugs RESO FIXE UniformDiscPositionAllocator 2009-11-13
854 ns-3 general ns-bugs RESO FIXE Support DROP_QUEUE reason-code in Ipv4FlowProbe 2012-02-08
1043 ns-3 lte peppe RESO FIXE Classes static_LteDownlinkSpectrumModel_initializer and static_LteUplinkSpectrumModel_initializer have swapped the operating frequency band 2011-08-16
998 ns-3 internet adrian.sw.tam VERI FIXE Deallocating Ipv4Endpoint sometimes causes TcpSocketImpl's own destructor to be called 2011-12-10
20 bugs found.
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