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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1474 dce kernel frederic.urbani NEW --- TCP transfert stop after some packets of DATA on CSMA networks only with Linux Kernel. 2012-07-18
1614 dce kernel frederic.urbani NEW --- Fuzz testing with trinity over DCE 2013-03-28
1627 dce kernel frederic.urbani NEW --- ifindex of loopback interface is not counted in DCE Linux 2013-04-17
1769 dce kernel tazaki NEW --- SysctlGet() does not reply for several sysctl entries over net-next-sim 3.4. 2013-10-10
1950 dce kernel tazaki NEW --- LinuxStack should be able to enable/disable checksum feature 2014-07-15
2186 dce kernel tazaki NEW --- Add ns3::Callback capability to DCE-Linux SysctlGet API 2015-09-28
1598 dce kernel tazaki PATC --- include tracing system for kernel code 2013-07-17
1536 dce kernel tazaki PATC --- dce-ping scenario misbehave using kernel stack 2013-03-12
2074 dce kernel tazaki PATC --- DCE Linux memory defaults too low to allow Linux TCP to have >32767 byte window 2015-05-31
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