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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2641 ns-3 aodv ns-bugs NEW --- Get rid of pcap-based tests in the aodv module 2017-01-29
1189 ns-3 aodv ns-bugs NEW --- Send RREQ bcast request Id duplicate check is missing 2011-06-28
1255 ns-3 aodv ns-bugs NEW --- AODV should not catch and defer multicast packets 2011-09-02
2650 ns-3 aodv jsmsscd NEED --- In aodv destination sequence numbers is not incremented in case of Local Repair 2017-05-18
1440 ns-3 aodv ns-bugs NEED --- aodv throughput decrease badly from 20Mpbs to zero 2013-04-26
1187 ns-3 aodv ns-bugs PATC --- Provide DELETE_PERIOD scaling factor K as an attribute 2017-02-25
1188 ns-3 aodv ns-bugs PATC --- Begin hello transmission only if part of active route 2017-02-25
2345 ns-3 aodv ns-bugs PATC --- Trace sources for control packets in manet routing 2017-02-25
2453 ns-3 aodv ns-bugs PATC --- Neighbors' lifetime is not updated when RouteOutput is called 2017-05-18
9 bugs found.
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