Mon Jul 22 2019 08:37:33 EDT
Every program have at least one bug and one redundant code line. By induction every program can be shrunk to one single code line. Bugged.
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11 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2954 ns-3 applicat ns-bugs NEW --- BulkSendApplication not keeping TCP buffer full 2018-07-28
2669 ns-3 applicat riley NEW --- code review: Poisson Pareto Burst Process 2017-03-14
1899 ns-3 applicat riley NEW --- feature request: add sequence number header to OnOffApplication 2014-04-16
2371 ns-3 applicat riley NEW --- Stop application through Schedule 2016-04-12
2106 ns-3 applicat natale.patriciello NEED --- Add SetSocket API to applications 2016-12-08
2423 ns-3 applicat riley CONF --- Create socket trace for applications 2016-05-30
2570 ns-3 applicat riley PATC --- code review: 3GPP NRTV traffic model 2016-12-09
2178 ns-3 applicat riley PATC --- add Rx trace source to UdpEchoServer 2015-09-08
2295 ns-3 applicat riley PATC --- code review: mpeg-like video traffic generator 2016-02-13
2111 ns-3 applicat tommaso.pecorella PATC --- Feature request: add receiver timestamp to SeqTsHeader. 2016-04-04
2571 ns-3 applicat riley LAST --- code review: CBR (constant bit-rate) application and advanced funtionality for OnOffApplication 2017-06-17
11 bugs found.
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