Tue Sep 17 2019 21:48:47 EDT
Every program have at least one bug and one redundant code line. By induction every program can be shrunk to one single code line. Bugged.
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1819 ns-3 flow-mon gjcarneiro NEW --- FlowMonitor might cause the simulation to run forever 2013-12-24
2639 ns-3 flow-mon tommaso.pecorella NEED --- Optimized build fails due to compiler warnings/errors in flow-monitor 2017-01-28
2792 ns-3 flow-mon tommaso.pecorella NEED --- Flow monitor seems to count the number of transmitted packets wrong 2017-10-05
1844 ns-3 flow-mon tommaso.pecorella CONF --- FlowMonitor fails to capture DSR 2015-01-08
1940 ns-3 flow-mon tommaso.pecorella ASSI --- FlowMonitor is confused by IP fragments drops 2014-06-27
5 bugs found.
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