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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1051 ns-3 mobility boyko NEW --- Implement utility class to periodically poll for all nodes position and velocity 2011-02-06
1314 ns-3 mobility boyko NEW --- mobility helper setting of position allocator does not set the RandomWaypoint position allocator pointer 2012-04-25
1705 ns-3 mobility boyko NEW --- found to behave absurdly 2013-07-05
1918 ns-3 mobility ns-bugs NEW --- RandomWalk2dMobilityModel is stuck in the corner 2014-05-21
2024 ns-3 mobility ns-bugs NEW --- Ns2MobilityHelper parsing scheduled events 2014-12-03
2364 ns-3 mobility ns-bugs NEW --- constant-velocity-helper is located under the model directory 2016-04-02
2494 ns-3 mobility ns-bugs NEW --- documentation on mobility model 2016-09-08
2365 ns-3 mobility suryaseetharaman.9 NEW --- constant-velocity-mobility-model.h (comment) 2017-04-17
2662 ns-3 mobility ns-bugs NEED --- Add ability to set the mobility bounding rectangle after mobility model has been installed 2018-06-07
2382 ns-3 mobility ns-bugs PATC --- Non-uniform behaviour in bounded mobility models 2016-04-21
2912 ns-3 mobility ns-bugs PATC --- code review: add ENU coordinates handling to geographic positions 2018-04-26
2918 ns-3 mobility sebastien.deronne PATC --- Rename Rectangle class to silent Visual Studio errors 2018-05-17
2363 ns-3 mobility ns-bugs PATC --- avoid accumulated position errors with ns2-mobility-helper 2016-04-02
2473 ns-3 mobility ns-bugs PATC --- DiscGridPostionAllocator 2016-08-07
1717 ns-3 mobility boyko REOP --- constant velocity mobility model: velocity attribute not settable 2014-04-29
15 bugs found.
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