Mon Mar 8 2021 05:20:30 EST
Nullify() the bugs! (and the Callbacks too).
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1656 ns-3 python b gjcarneiro NEW --- extension: Specialized version of GetObject in MobilityModel to allow python bindings use MobilityModels through basic interface (doesn't require bindings for the specific mobility model) 2013-10-14
2192 ns-3 python b gjcarneiro NEW --- Referencing out-of-bounds structures causes REPL crash 2015-10-06
2059 ns-3 python b gjcarneiro CONF --- pybindgen and pygccxml-1.6.2 2015-03-12
2451 ns-3 python b adadeepak8 PATC --- replacement of gccxml with castxml 2018-07-21
4 bugs found.
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