Mon Mar 8 2021 04:40:02 EST
It is more complicated than you think. [RFC1925]
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2946 ns-3 spectrum nicola NEW --- GetNDevices is not initialized in MultiModelSpectrumChannel 2018-07-09
2465 ns-3 spectrum nicola NEW --- Microwave oven model has overlapping subbands 2016-08-06
2475 ns-3 spectrum nicola NEW --- SpectrumAnalyzer does not cancel event when stopped 2016-08-14
2847 ns-3 spectrum nicola PATC --- Interference models produce negative interference because of roundoff. 2018-05-31
2595 ns-3 spectrum nicola PATC --- Avoid sorting Ptrs 2017-01-04
2858 ns-3 spectrum nicola LAST --- Use std::transform (C++11) to efficiently do operations on SpectrumValue 2018-05-29
6 bugs found.
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