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11 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1880 ns-3 test fra ns-bugs NEW --- output file left open when test fails and --stop-on-failure is set 2014-03-13
1946 ns-3 test fra ns-bugs NEW --- move tests outside of namespace ns3 2014-07-09
1497 ns-3 test fra tomh NEW --- eliminate random variation in trace-based tests 2013-12-14
3023 ns-3 test fra ns-bugs NEED --- test-runner stops if multiple testcases fail 2018-12-06
1664 ns-3 test fra tomh CONF --- fix random streams in some test suites 2013-12-14
2162 ns-3 test fra tomh CONF --- avoid operations in TestSuite constructors 2015-07-25
2164 ns-3 test fra tomh CONF --- PCAP traces don't work on CSMA channels when executed from a test case 2015-08-03
2903 ns-3 test fra ns-bugs PATC --- -l crashes if the path of ns-3 contains a space 2018-03-30
2904 ns-3 test fra ns-bugs PATC --- The HTML report generator cannot handle uint8_t 2018-05-02
2829 ns-3 test fra ns-bugs REOP --- produces malformed XML results 2018-01-05
1192 ns-3 test fra mathieu.lacage REOP --- Some test cases fail to clean up properly (missing DoTeardown) 2011-08-09
11 bugs found.
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