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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1104 ns-3 wimax kubota NEW --- uses struct declared as private in wimax-mac-queue.h 2011-04-18
1217 ns-3 wimax kubota NEW --- simple-odfm-wimax-phy creates UniformVariable in a critical path 2011-07-13
1356 ns-3 wimax kubota NEW --- Wimax base station out of reach gives assertion failure 2014-05-27
1750 ns-3 wimax kubota NEW --- WiMAX module with On-Off application (TCP and UDP) gives rw buffer assertion. 2014-05-27
2084 ns-3 wimax ns-bugs NEW --- WiMAX doesn't handle the burst end correctly 2015-03-28
2089 ns-3 wimax ns-bugs NEW --- No actual check about SS state machine in SubscriberStationNetDevice::DoReceive 2015-04-20
1780 ns-3 wimax kubota NEED --- Distance between an SS and a BS greater 8km causes a crash. 2014-05-27
575 ns-3 wimax kubota ASSI --- some of the TLVs carrying wimax PDUs are not correctly decoded by wireshark 2011-08-09
1057 ns-3 wimax kubota REOP --- LTE Bearers issue 2012-05-19
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