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17 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1453 dce other frederic.urbani NEW --- Improve Initialisation of New Instance of a DCE process 2012-06-19
1474 dce kernel frederic.urbani NEW --- TCP transfert stop after some packets of DATA on CSMA networks only with Linux Kernel. 2012-07-18
1614 dce kernel frederic.urbani NEW --- Fuzz testing with trinity over DCE 2013-03-28
1627 dce kernel frederic.urbani NEW --- ifindex of loopback interface is not counted in DCE Linux 2013-04-17
1676 dce other frederic.urbani NEW --- coverage information with CoojaLoader doesn't report correct values 2013-05-08
1715 dce other tazaki NEW --- DCE without stdout/stderr information 2013-06-20
1716 dce other tazaki NEW --- SetUp/SetDown for ns3::Ipv4Linux 2013-06-20
1769 dce kernel tazaki NEW --- SysctlGet() does not reply for several sysctl entries over net-next-sim 3.4. 2013-10-10
1795 dce other tazaki NEW --- dce_getaddrinfo () fails if hosts doesn't have IPv4 address 2013-11-09
1950 dce kernel tazaki NEW --- LinuxStack should be able to enable/disable checksum feature 2014-07-15
1987 dce other tazaki NEW --- DCE can't print routing table on NetAnim 2014-09-18
2099 dce other tazaki NEW --- DCE does not look for includes in the correct folder 2015-04-17
2186 dce kernel tazaki NEW --- Add ns3::Callback capability to DCE-Linux SysctlGet API 2015-09-28
2187 dce other tazaki NEW --- [patch] ld-loader cannot find debug symbols on ubuntu 15.04 2015-09-29
2212 dce other tazaki NEW --- assert failed, "did not find" 2015-11-09
1512 dce other tazaki REOP --- Elf-loader falls into deadlock during relocation (Ubuntu1204-64bits/Fedora16-64bits) 2014-07-28
2039 dce other tazaki REOP --- LinuxSocketImpl::RecvFrom uses fixed size buf and ignores maxSize 2015-01-16
17 bugs found.
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