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The ns-3 Network Simulator
  Default Assignee
antenna Nicola Baldo
aodv ns-bugs
aodv module
applications ns-bugs
bridge Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
bridge module
brite Brian Swenson
src/brite: support for BRITE topology generator
build system Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
The ns-3 build system is based on waf
buildings Biljana Bojović
click Lalith Suresh
click modular routing component
config-store ns-bugs
config-store module
core Peter Barnes
The simulation core module (src/core)
csma ns-bugs
csma module
devices ns-bugs
general component for src/devices (in ns-3.10 and earlier) other devices (e.g. lte, wimax, wifi) have their specific component.
documentation Tom Henderson
Doxygen, tutorial, or manual
dsdv Hemanth Narra
Destination-Sequenced Distance Vector src/routing/dsdv
dsr Yufei Cheng
DSR routing
emulation ns-bugs
bugs related to the emulation device (src/emu)
energy Cristiano Tapparello
energy module
examples ns-bugs
programs build from source in the examples directory
fd-net-device ns-bugs
issues related to src/fd-net-device module
flow-monitor Tommaso Pecorella
flow-monitor module
general ns-bugs
place bugs here for which there is no better matching component
global-routing Tom Henderson
Ipv4 Global routing in src/routing/global-routing (ns-3.10) or src/internet (ns-3.11 or greater)
helpers ns-bugs
helper objects in src/helper
internet Tommaso Pecorella
internet IPv4 and UDP (was src/internet-stack in ns-3.10 and earlier) TCP, IPV6, and NSC-TCP bugs should go to separate product
internet-apps Tommaso Pecorella
ipv6 Tommaso Pecorella
ipv6-specific bugs (internet module)
lr-wpan Tom Henderson
IEEE 802.15.4 models for ns-3
lte Biljana Bojović
3GPP Long Term Evolution src/lte
mesh ns-bugs
MAC-layer mobile mesh in src/devices/mesh
mobility models ns-bugs
mpi Peter Barnes
Parallel simulations using MPI (src/mpi)
netanim John Abraham
netanim module
network ns-bugs
src/network (ns-3.11 or later releases) src/node (ns-3.10 or earlier releases)
nix-vector John Abraham
nix-vector-routing module
nsc-tcp Florian Westphal
NSC TCP (in src/internet directory). Note, for a bug in NSC itself, please file it under the nsc product.
olsr Lalith Suresh
OLSR routing in src/routing/olsr
openflow ns-bugs
openflow module
point-to-point ns-bugs
point-to-point module
propagation Nicola Baldo
src/propagation module
python bindings Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
Python bindings for ns-3
regression ns-bugs
bugs in the regression or unit tests
routing ns-bugs
Routing-related code (src/routing) in general
samples ns-bugs
programs build from source in the samples directory
sixlowpan Tommaso Pecorella
issues related to src/sixlowpan
spectrum Nicola Baldo
stats ns-bugs
stats module
tap-bridge Tom Goff
tap-bridge net device
tcp natale.patriciello
TCP models in src/internet module
test framework ns-bugs, test-runner or the tests they run
topology-read Tommaso Pecorella
topology-read module
traffic-control Stefano Avallone
uan Federico Guerra
underwater networking (src/devices/uan)
virtual-net-device Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
virtual-net-device module
visualizer Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
visualizer module
wave module ns-bugs
IEEE 802.11p and WAVE extensions to WiFi in src/wave
wifi sebastien.deronne
The wifi 802.11 model
wimax ns-bugs
wimax module