Bug 1948

Summary: elf-loader building problem
Product: dce Reporter: natale.patriciello
Component: otherAssignee: Hajime Tazaki <tazaki>
Severity: enhancement CC: ns-bugs
Priority: P5    
Version: unspecified   
Hardware: PC   
OS: Windows   

Description natale.patriciello 2014-07-11 09:13:26 EDT
I get this, how I can resolve? Some dependecy missing?

Thank you

>> Building elf-loader - 
 mkdir /home/nat/Work/ns3/dce/source/elf-loader dir=/home/nat/Work/ns3/dce/source/elf-loader
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/home/nat/Work/ns3/dce/source/elf-loader’: File exists
 make vdl-config.h dir=/home/nat/Work/ns3/dce/source/elf-loader
/home/nat/Work/ns3/dce/source/elf-loader/extract-system-config.py >vdl-config.h
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/nat/Work/ns3/dce/source/elf-loader/extract-system-config.py", line 253, in <module>
  File "/home/nat/Work/ns3/dce/source/elf-loader/extract-system-config.py", line 198, in main
    debug_filename = search_debug_file ()
  File "/home/nat/Work/ns3/dce/source/elf-loader/extract-system-config.py", line 157, in search_debug_file
    raise CouldNotFindFile ()
__main__.CouldNotFindFile: <__main__.CouldNotFindFile instance at 0x7f15e522cc68>
Makefile:108: recipe for target 'vdl-config.h' failed
make: *** [vdl-config.h] Error 1

 >> Building elf-loader - Problem
   > Subprocess failed with error 2: ['make', 'vdl-config.h']
 > Stop on error enabled (for more information call bake with -vv or -vvv)
   >> Subprocess failed with error 2: ['make', 'vdl-config.h']
Comment 1 Hajime Tazaki 2014-07-11 11:17:13 EDT
elf-loader requires debug-version of ld.so which contains additional information to be used in elf-loader (offset values of some specific symbol in the library, etc).

In ubuntu and fedora (and centos afaik), there are debug version of libc packages (i.e., libc6-dbg or glibc-debug), which provide this file. In your environment, I guess there isn't and that's why the error.

without the debug version of library, elf-loader has no way to build (thus optional module in bakconf.xml).

What distribution are you using ? gentoo ? arch ?
Comment 2 natale.patriciello 2014-07-12 10:36:37 EDT
Okay, so the only point open is that bake try to build elf-loader anyway, also if it has detected that in my system there isn't the debug version of libc.

I'm actually compiling glibc with debugging symbols to see what I get..

Thank you