Bug 674

Summary: EIFS is not handled correctly in DcfManager::GetAccessGrantStart
Product: ns-3 Reporter: Kirill Andreev <andreev>
Component: wifiAssignee: Mathieu Lacage <mathieu.lacage>
Severity: normal CC: faker.moatamri, ns-bugs
Priority: P2    
Version: ns-3-dev   
Hardware: All   
OS: All   
Attachments: Proposed fix

Description Kirill Andreev 2009-09-10 05:30:24 EDT
Created attachment 584 [details]
Proposed fix

When the last receive was OK, we say, tat access grant start is m_lastRxEnd + m_sifs. When we call GetAccessGrantStartFor (), we add Aifsn * m_slotTime. So, we start to calculate backoff AIFS later after rxEnd.

When the last receive was not ok, we may start to calculate backoff EIFS after rxEnd.
In GetAccessGrantStart we add EifsNoDifs to last Rx end. In GetAxxessGrantStartFor () we add as in previous case Aifsn * m_slotTime. So, instead real EIFS we wait EIFS-SIFS
Comment 1 Mathieu Lacage 2009-11-16 09:59:32 EST
The patch looks good. If you have a test in dcf-manager-test.cc for this, you can commit.
Comment 2 Mathieu Lacage 2009-11-30 07:21:57 EST
changeset 5629104d7747