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This page is provided for ns-3-related job postings. Please contact the webmaster ( to add or remove postings here.  To create a posting, please provide the following details and a URL (if available) for the requisition:  Job title, company name, job description, skills and requirements, key technologies or roles, and information about the company.

Opening for research assistant position in the Communication Networks Division – Mobile Networks Department at CTTC (posted July 10, 2017)

The Communication Networks Division of the CTTC is looking for candidates interested in a Research Assistant Position in the area of 5G, cellular technologies (and specifically, LTE, NR),IEEE 802.11ac, mmWave, WiGiG, and D2D. More details can be found in the job posting. Job location: Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain.

Amazon Lab126 SW Development Eng – Network (posted 12/8/2016)

Tarana Wireless (posted 2/15/2017)

At Tarana Wireless, we are building a system to deliver Internet access to customers at gigabit speeds. Our development efforts require simulation of a dynamic bandwidth allocation scheduler, for which we plan to use ns-3. As such, we are looking for consultants or full-time hires with 2+ years of ns-3 experience to join us on this exciting project. This is one of those rare opportunities in the wireless industry where one gets to join a team at the early stages of designing and developing the MAC and scheduler for a broadband wireless access system.

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