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DCE Cradle

This document describes what DCE Cradle is, how we can use it, how we extend it.

Tutorials and how to reproduce the experiment of WNS3 2013 paper is available DCE Cradle Tutorial.

What is DCE Cradle?

DCE Cradle enables us to use Linux kernel via Direct Code Execution from the ns-3 native socket application. Applications can access it via ns-3 socket API. Currently (6th Jan. 2014) the following sockets are available:

  • IPv4/IPv6 UDP
  • IPv4/IPv6 TCP
  • IPv4/IPv6 RAW socket
  • IPv4/IPv6 DCCP
  • IPv4/IPv6 SCTP

Installing DCE Cradle

DCE Cradle is already integrated in ns-3-dce module. You can just build and install DCE as instructed in the parent document.

How to use it

OnOffHelper onoff = OnOffHelper ("ns3::LinuxTcpSocketFactory",
                                 InetSocketAddress (interfaces.GetAddress (1), 9));

How to extend it

(To be added)


  • The project originally started during GSoC project 2012
  • “DCE cradle: simulate network protocols with real stacks for better realism”, WNS3 2013, [PDF]