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Using Alternative, Fast Loader

DCE optionally supports an alternative ELF loader/linker, so-called elf-loader, in order to replace system-provided linker/loader module. The intention of the loader is to support unlimited number of instances used by dlmopen call, which provides DCE to load a single ELF binary to multiple different memory space. dlmopen-based loader (ns3::DlmLoaderFactory) is much faster than another default one (ns3::CoojaLOaderFactory), but few issues are remain so, this is optional.

To Speedup Run-time

In order to use DlmLoaderFactory, you can add command-line argument of waf.

./waf --run dce-tcp-simple --dlm

if you are in the ./waf shell mode, the following command should be used instead.

./build/bin/dce-runner ./build/bin/dce-tcp-simple