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Creating your protocol implementation as a DCE sub-module

If your application has a configuration file to modify the behavior of applications, introducing a particular Helper class will be helpful to handle your application. In this section, we will give you an advanced way of using your application with DCE.

Some of existing submodule are following this way. You can find ns-3-dce-quagga and ns-3-dce-umip as examples to add sub-module.

Obtaining DCE sub-module template

First of all, you could start with referring sub module template available as follows.

hg clone (your module name)

The template consists of, wscript, helper, test and documentation. You could rename all/some of them for your module. Then, put ns-3-dce-submodule directory under ns-3-dce/myscripts/. This will be required to build under ns-3-dce module as an extension (sub-module) of dce.

Writing wscript

Writing bakeconf.xml (optional)

Implementing helper class (optional)

Writing examples (optional)