A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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1# Store version information for required netanim version, used by
2# ns-3-allinone/download.py.
3# If specifying a released netanim version, specify the required netanim
4# version as, e.g. 'netanim-3.108'
5# If specifying a commit on the development tree, specify it like this based
6# on 'git describe --tags' command. Example, if the latest release was 3.108,
7# and 'git describe --tags' reports "netanim-3.108-6-g8e7c0a9", then write the
8# version string below as 'netanim-3.108.post6+ng8e7c0a9'
9__required_netanim_version__ = 'netanim-3.108'