A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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1/* -*- Mode:C++; c-file-style:"gnu"; indent-tabs-mode:nil; -*- */
2/* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
3 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
4 * published by the Free Software Foundation;
5 *
6 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
7 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
9 * GNU General Public License for more details.
10 *
11 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
12 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
13 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307
14 * USA
15 *
16 */
18// OLSR was observed to not converge in simple 3-nodes varying topology.
19// https://www.nsnam.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=780
20// tcpdump -r bug780-0-0.pcap -nn -tt icmp | wc
21// should show about 395 packets; there is a ping outage from time
22// 123-127 due to the mobility.
24#include "ns3/test.h"
25#include "ns3/olsr-helper.h"
26#include "ns3/ipv4-list-routing-helper.h"
27#include "ns3/olsr-routing-protocol.h"
28#include "ns3/internet-stack-helper.h"
29#include "ns3/log.h"
30#include "ns3/double.h"
31#include "ns3/uinteger.h"
32#include "ns3/string.h"
33#include "ns3/boolean.h"
34#include "ns3/ipv4-address-helper.h"
35#include "ns3/ipv4-interface-container.h"
36#include "ns3/rng-seed-manager.h"
37#include "ns3/simple-net-device-helper.h"
38#include "ns3/simple-net-device.h"
39#include "ns3/icmpv4.h"
40#include "bug780-test.h"
42namespace ns3 {
43namespace olsr {
46 TestCase ("Test OLSR bug 780"),
47 m_time (Seconds (200.0)), m_seq (0), m_recvCount (0)
60 CreateNodes ();
65 NS_TEST_EXPECT_MSG_EQ (m_recvCount, 192, "192 out of 200 ping received.");
74 c.Create (3);
76 // install TCP/IP & OLSR
78 InternetStackHelper internet;
79 internet.SetRoutingHelper (olsr);
80 internet.Install (c);
81 int64_t streamsUsed = olsr.AssignStreams (c, 0);
82 NS_TEST_EXPECT_MSG_EQ (streamsUsed, 3, "Should have assigned 3 streams");
84 // create channel & devices
85 SimpleNetDeviceHelper simpleNetHelper;
86 simpleNetHelper.SetDeviceAttribute ("DataRate", StringValue ("10Mbps"));
87 simpleNetHelper.SetChannelAttribute ("Delay", StringValue ("2ms"));
88 NetDeviceContainer nd = simpleNetHelper.Install (c);
90 Ipv4AddressHelper addressAdhoc;
91 addressAdhoc.SetBase ("", "");
92 Ipv4InterfaceContainer adhocInterfaces;
93 adhocInterfaces = addressAdhoc.Assign (nd);
95 // Blacklist some devices (equivalent to Wireless out of range)
96 Ptr<SimpleNetDevice> nd0 = DynamicCast<SimpleNetDevice> (nd.Get (0));
97 Ptr<SimpleNetDevice> nd2 = DynamicCast<SimpleNetDevice> (nd.Get (2));
98 Ptr<SimpleChannel> ch = DynamicCast<SimpleChannel> (nd.Get (0)->GetChannel ());
100 Simulator::Schedule (Seconds (100.0), &SimpleChannel::BlackList, ch, nd0, nd2);
101 Simulator::Schedule (Seconds (100.0), &SimpleChannel::BlackList, ch, nd2, nd0);
103 // 3. Setup ping
104 m_socket = Socket::CreateSocket (c.Get (0), TypeId::LookupByName ("ns3::Ipv4RawSocketFactory"));
105 m_socket->SetAttribute ("Protocol", UintegerValue (1)); // icmp
108 m_socket->Bind (src);
109 InetSocketAddress dst = InetSocketAddress (adhocInterfaces.GetAddress (2), 0);
110 m_socket->Connect (dst);
112 SendPing ();
118 if (Simulator::Now () >= m_time)
119 {
120 return;
121 }
123 Ptr<Packet> p = Create<Packet> ();
124 Icmpv4Echo echo;
126 m_seq++;
127 echo.SetIdentifier (0);
129 Ptr<Packet> dataPacket = Create<Packet> (56);
130 echo.SetData (dataPacket);
131 p->AddHeader (echo);
132 Icmpv4Header header;
134 header.SetCode (0);
136 {
137 header.EnableChecksum ();
138 }
139 p->AddHeader (header);
140 m_socket->Send (p, 0);
147 while (m_socket->GetRxAvailable () > 0)
148 {
149 Address from;
150 Ptr<Packet> p = m_socket->RecvFrom (0xffffffff, 0, from);
154 NS_ASSERT (realFrom.GetPort () == 1); // protocol should be icmp.
155 Ipv4Header ipv4;
156 p->RemoveHeader (ipv4);
157 NS_ASSERT (ipv4.GetProtocol () == 1); // protocol should be icmp.
158 Icmpv4Header icmp;
159 p->RemoveHeader (icmp);
161 {
162 m_recvCount++;
163 }
164 }
167} // namespace olsr
168} // namespace ns3
a polymophic address class
Definition: address.h:91
ICMP Echo header.
Definition: icmpv4.h:108
void SetIdentifier(uint16_t id)
Set the Echo identifier.
Definition: icmpv4.cc:140
void SetData(Ptr< const Packet > data)
Set the Echo data.
Definition: icmpv4.cc:152
void SetSequenceNumber(uint16_t seq)
Set the Echo sequence number.
Definition: icmpv4.cc:146
Base class for all the ICMP packet headers.
Definition: icmpv4.h:41
void SetCode(uint8_t code)
Set ICMP code.
Definition: icmpv4.cc:115
void SetType(uint8_t type)
Set ICMP type.
Definition: icmpv4.cc:109
uint8_t GetType(void) const
Get ICMP type.
Definition: icmpv4.cc:121
void EnableChecksum(void)
Enables ICMP Checksum calculation.
Definition: icmpv4.cc:57
an Inet address class
uint16_t GetPort(void) const
static bool IsMatchingType(const Address &address)
static InetSocketAddress ConvertFrom(const Address &address)
Returns an InetSocketAddress which corresponds to the input Address.
aggregate IP/TCP/UDP functionality to existing Nodes.
void Install(std::string nodeName) const
Aggregate implementations of the ns3::Ipv4, ns3::Ipv6, ns3::Udp, and ns3::Tcp classes onto the provid...
void SetRoutingHelper(const Ipv4RoutingHelper &routing)
A helper class to make life easier while doing simple IPv4 address assignment in scripts.
void SetBase(Ipv4Address network, Ipv4Mask mask, Ipv4Address base="")
Set the base network number, network mask and base address.
Ipv4InterfaceContainer Assign(const NetDeviceContainer &c)
Assign IP addresses to the net devices specified in the container based on the current network prefix...
static Ipv4Address GetAny(void)
Packet header for IPv4.
Definition: ipv4-header.h:34
uint8_t GetProtocol(void) const
Definition: ipv4-header.cc:272
holds a vector of std::pair of Ptr<Ipv4> and interface index.
Ipv4Address GetAddress(uint32_t i, uint32_t j=0) const
holds a vector of ns3::NetDevice pointers
Ptr< NetDevice > Get(uint32_t i) const
Get the Ptr<NetDevice> stored in this container at a given index.
keep track of a set of node pointers.
void Create(uint32_t n)
Create n nodes and append pointers to them to the end of this NodeContainer.
Ptr< Node > Get(uint32_t i) const
Get the Ptr<Node> stored in this container at a given index.
static bool ChecksumEnabled(void)
Definition: node.cc:278
void SetAttribute(std::string name, const AttributeValue &value)
Set a single attribute, raising fatal errors if unsuccessful.
Definition: object-base.cc:256
Helper class that adds OLSR routing to nodes.
Definition: olsr-helper.h:41
uint32_t RemoveHeader(Header &header)
Deserialize and remove the header from the internal buffer.
Definition: packet.cc:280
void AddHeader(const Header &header)
Add header to this packet.
Definition: packet.cc:256
Smart pointer class similar to boost::intrusive_ptr.
Definition: ptr.h:78
static void SetRun(uint64_t run)
Set the run number of simulation.
static void SetSeed(uint32_t seed)
Set the seed.
virtual void BlackList(Ptr< SimpleNetDevice > from, Ptr< SimpleNetDevice > to)
Blocks the communications from a NetDevice to another NetDevice.
build a set of SimpleNetDevice objects
void SetChannelAttribute(std::string n1, const AttributeValue &v1)
void SetDeviceAttribute(std::string n1, const AttributeValue &v1)
NetDeviceContainer Install(Ptr< Node > node) const
This method creates an ns3::SimpleChannel with the attributes configured by SimpleNetDeviceHelper::Se...
static void Stop(void)
Tell the Simulator the calling event should be the last one executed.
Definition: simulator.cc:180
static void Destroy(void)
Execute the events scheduled with ScheduleDestroy().
Definition: simulator.cc:136
static EventId Schedule(Time const &delay, FUNC f, Ts &&... args)
Schedule an event to expire after delay.
Definition: simulator.h:555
static void Run(void)
Run the simulation.
Definition: simulator.cc:172
static Time Now(void)
Return the current simulation virtual time.
Definition: simulator.cc:195
virtual int Send(Ptr< Packet > p, uint32_t flags)=0
Send data (or dummy data) to the remote host.
virtual Ptr< Packet > RecvFrom(uint32_t maxSize, uint32_t flags, Address &fromAddress)=0
Read a single packet from the socket and retrieve the sender address.
virtual int Connect(const Address &address)=0
Initiate a connection to a remote host.
void SetRecvCallback(Callback< void, Ptr< Socket > > receivedData)
Notify application when new data is available to be read.
Definition: socket.cc:128
virtual uint32_t GetRxAvailable(void) const =0
Return number of bytes which can be returned from one or multiple calls to Recv.
static Ptr< Socket > CreateSocket(Ptr< Node > node, TypeId tid)
This method wraps the creation of sockets that is performed on a given node by a SocketFactory specif...
Definition: socket.cc:71
virtual int Bind(const Address &address)=0
Allocate a local endpoint for this socket.
Hold variables of type string.
Definition: string.h:41
encapsulates test code
Definition: test.h:994
static TypeId LookupByName(std::string name)
Get a TypeId by name.
Definition: type-id.cc:829
Hold an unsigned integer type.
Definition: uinteger.h:44
uint16_t m_recvCount
Received ECHO Reply counter.
Definition: bug780-test.h:58
const Time m_time
Total simulation time.
Definition: bug780-test.h:42
void Receive(Ptr< Socket > socket)
Receive echo reply.
Definition: bug780-test.cc:145
void CreateNodes()
Create & configure test network.
Definition: bug780-test.cc:71
uint16_t m_seq
Sequence number.
Definition: bug780-test.h:56
Ptr< Socket > m_socket
Definition: bug780-test.h:54
void SendPing()
Send one ping.
Definition: bug780-test.cc:116
void DoRun()
Implementation to actually run this TestCase.
Definition: bug780-test.cc:56
#define NS_ASSERT(condition)
At runtime, in debugging builds, if this condition is not true, the program prints the source file,...
Definition: assert.h:67
#define NS_TEST_EXPECT_MSG_EQ(actual, limit, msg)
Test that an actual and expected (limit) value are equal and report if not.
Definition: test.h:240
Time Seconds(double value)
Construct a Time in the indicated unit.
Definition: nstime.h:1245
Every class exported by the ns3 library is enclosed in the ns3 namespace.
Callback< R, Args... > MakeCallback(R(T::*memPtr)(Args...), OBJ objPtr)
Build Callbacks for class method members which take varying numbers of arguments and potentially retu...
Definition: callback.h:661
Definition: olsr.py:1