A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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1/* -*- Mode:C++; c-file-style:"gnu"; indent-tabs-mode:nil; -*- */
3 * Copyright (c) 2006,2007 INRIA
4 *
5 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
6 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
7 * published by the Free Software Foundation;
8 *
9 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12 * GNU General Public License for more details.
13 *
14 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
16 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
17 *
18 * Author: Mathieu Lacage <mathieu.lacage@sophia.inria.fr>
19 */
23#include <stdint.h>
24#include <vector>
25#include <limits>
26#include "ns3/callback.h"
27#include "ns3/assert.h"
28#include "ns3/type-id.h"
29#include "buffer.h"
31namespace ns3 {
33class Chunk;
34class Buffer;
35class Header;
36class Trailer;
85 struct Item
86 {
88 enum ItemType {
92 } type;
123 };
129 {
136 ItemIterator (const PacketMetadata *metadata, Buffer buffer);
141 bool HasNext (void) const;
146 Item Next (void);
150 uint16_t m_current;
153 };
158 static void Enable (void);
162 static void EnableChecking (void);
169 inline PacketMetadata (uint64_t uid, uint32_t size);
174 inline PacketMetadata (PacketMetadata const &o);
180 inline PacketMetadata &operator = (PacketMetadata const& o);
181 inline ~PacketMetadata ();
188 void AddHeader (Header const &header, uint32_t size);
194 void RemoveHeader (Header const &header, uint32_t size);
201 void AddTrailer (Trailer const &trailer, uint32_t size);
207 void RemoveTrailer (Trailer const &trailer, uint32_t size);
225 void AddAtEnd (PacketMetadata const&o);
230 void AddPaddingAtEnd (uint32_t end);
240 void RemoveAtEnd (uint32_t end);
246 uint64_t GetUid (void) const;
252 uint32_t GetSerializedSize (void) const;
259 ItemIterator BeginItem (Buffer buffer) const;
267 uint32_t Serialize (uint8_t* buffer, uint32_t maxSize) const;
274 uint32_t Deserialize (const uint8_t* buffer, uint32_t size);
286 static uint8_t* AddToRawU8 (const uint8_t& data,
287 uint8_t* start,
288 uint8_t* current,
289 uint32_t maxSize);
300 static uint8_t* AddToRawU16 (const uint16_t& data,
301 uint8_t* start,
302 uint8_t* current,
303 uint32_t maxSize);
314 static uint8_t* AddToRawU32 (const uint32_t& data,
315 uint8_t* start,
316 uint8_t* current,
317 uint32_t maxSize);
328 static uint8_t* AddToRawU64 (const uint64_t& data,
329 uint8_t* start,
330 uint8_t* current,
331 uint32_t maxSize);
343 static uint8_t* AddToRaw (const uint8_t* data,
344 uint32_t dataSize,
345 uint8_t* start,
346 uint8_t* current,
347 uint32_t maxSize);
358 static uint8_t* ReadFromRawU8 (uint8_t& data,
359 const uint8_t* start,
360 const uint8_t* current,
361 uint32_t maxSize);
372 static uint8_t* ReadFromRawU16 (uint16_t& data,
373 const uint8_t* start,
374 const uint8_t* current,
375 uint32_t maxSize);
386 static uint8_t* ReadFromRawU32 (uint32_t& data,
387 const uint8_t* start,
388 const uint8_t* current,
389 uint32_t maxSize);
400 static uint8_t* ReadFromRawU64 (uint64_t& data,
401 const uint8_t* start,
402 const uint8_t* current,
403 uint32_t maxSize);
414 struct Data {
418 uint16_t m_size;
421 uint16_t m_dirtyEnd;
424 };
425 /* Note that since the next and prev fields are 16 bit integers
426 and since the value 0xffff is reserved to identify the
427 fact that the end or the start of the list is reached,
428 only a limited number of elements can be stored in
429 a m_data byte buffer.
430 */
434 struct SmallItem {
440 uint16_t next;
446 uint16_t prev;
472 uint16_t chunkUid;
473 };
478 struct ExtraItem {
494 uint64_t packetUid;
495 };
500 class DataFreeList : public std::vector<struct Data *>
501 {
503 ~DataFreeList ();
504 };
508 friend class ItemIterator;
517 inline uint16_t AddSmall (const PacketMetadata::SmallItem *item);
526 uint16_t AddBig (uint32_t head, uint32_t tail,
527 const PacketMetadata::SmallItem *item,
528 const PacketMetadata::ExtraItem *extraItem);
537 PacketMetadata::ExtraItem *extraItem,
538 uint32_t available);
543 inline void UpdateHead (uint16_t written);
548 inline void UpdateTail (uint16_t written);
555 inline uint32_t GetUleb128Size (uint32_t value) const;
561 uint32_t ReadUleb128 (const uint8_t **pBuffer) const;
567 inline void Append16 (uint16_t value, uint8_t *buffer);
573 inline void Append32 (uint32_t value, uint8_t *buffer);
579 inline void AppendValue (uint32_t value, uint8_t *buffer);
588 void AppendValueExtra (uint32_t value, uint8_t *buffer);
594 inline void Reserve (uint32_t n);
599 void ReserveCopy (uint32_t n);
605 uint32_t GetTotalSize (void) const;
614 uint32_t ReadItems (uint16_t current,
615 struct PacketMetadata::SmallItem *item,
616 struct PacketMetadata::ExtraItem *extraItem) const;
622 void DoAddHeader (uint32_t uid, uint32_t size);
627 bool IsStateOk (void) const;
633 bool IsPointerOk (uint16_t pointer) const;
639 bool IsSharedPointerOk (uint16_t pointer) const;
645 static void Recycle (struct PacketMetadata::Data *data);
651 static struct PacketMetadata::Data *Create (uint32_t size);
657 static struct PacketMetadata::Data *Allocate (uint32_t n);
662 static void Deallocate (struct PacketMetadata::Data *data);
665 static bool m_enable;
666 static bool m_enableChecking;
673 static bool m_metadataSkipped;
676 static uint16_t m_chunkUid;
678 struct Data *m_data;
679 /*
680 head -(next)-> tail
681 ^ |
682 \---(prev)---|
683 */
684 uint16_t m_head;
685 uint16_t m_tail;
686 uint16_t m_used;
687 uint64_t m_packetUid;
690} // namespace ns3
692namespace ns3 {
695 : m_data (PacketMetadata::Create (10)),
696 m_head (0xffff),
697 m_tail (0xffff),
698 m_used (0),
699 m_packetUid (uid)
701 memset (m_data->m_data, 0xff, 4);
702 if (size > 0)
703 {
704 DoAddHeader (0, size);
705 }
708 : m_data (o.m_data),
709 m_head (o.m_head),
710 m_tail (o.m_tail),
711 m_used (o.m_used),
712 m_packetUid (o.m_packetUid)
714 NS_ASSERT (m_data != 0);
716 m_data->m_count++;
721 if (m_data != o.m_data)
722 {
723 // not self assignment
724 NS_ASSERT (m_data != 0);
725 m_data->m_count--;
726 if (m_data->m_count == 0)
727 {
729 }
730 m_data = o.m_data;
731 NS_ASSERT (m_data != 0);
732 m_data->m_count++;
733 }
734 m_head = o.m_head;
735 m_tail = o.m_tail;
736 m_used = o.m_used;
738 return *this;
742 NS_ASSERT (m_data != 0);
743 m_data->m_count--;
744 if (m_data->m_count == 0)
745 {
747 }
750} // namespace ns3
753#endif /* PACKET_METADATA_H */
#define max(a, b)
Definition: 80211b.c:43
iterator in a Buffer instance
Definition: buffer.h:99
automatically resized byte buffer
Definition: buffer.h:93
Protocol header serialization and deserialization.
Definition: header.h:43
Class to hold all the metadata.
Iterator class for metadata items.
uint16_t m_current
current position
bool HasNext(void) const
Checks if there is another metadata item.
Buffer m_buffer
buffer the metadata refers to
Item Next(void)
Retrieve the next metadata item.
const PacketMetadata * m_metadata
pointer to the metadata
bool m_hasReadTail
true if the metadata tail has been read
ItemIterator(const PacketMetadata *metadata, Buffer buffer)
Handle packet metadata about packet headers and trailers.
static uint8_t * ReadFromRawU64(uint64_t &data, const uint8_t *start, const uint8_t *current, uint32_t maxSize)
Helper for the raw deserialization.
void ReplaceTail(PacketMetadata::SmallItem *item, PacketMetadata::ExtraItem *extraItem, uint32_t available)
Replace the tail.
PacketMetadata CreateFragment(uint32_t start, uint32_t end) const
Creates a fragment.
void ReserveCopy(uint32_t n)
Reserve space and make a metadata copy.
void AppendValueExtra(uint32_t value, uint8_t *buffer)
Append a value to the buffer - extra.
void Append32(uint32_t value, uint8_t *buffer)
Append a 32-bit value to the buffer.
void RemoveTrailer(Trailer const &trailer, uint32_t size)
Remove a trailer.
static uint32_t m_maxSize
maximum metadata size
static bool m_enableChecking
Enable the packet metadata checking.
void UpdateHead(uint16_t written)
Update the head.
uint16_t m_head
list head
void AppendValue(uint32_t value, uint8_t *buffer)
Append a value to the buffer.
static void Deallocate(struct PacketMetadata::Data *data)
Deallocate the buffer memory.
bool IsStateOk(void) const
Check if the metadata state is ok.
static uint8_t * ReadFromRawU32(uint32_t &data, const uint8_t *start, const uint8_t *current, uint32_t maxSize)
Helper for the raw deserialization.
static uint8_t * AddToRawU32(const uint32_t &data, uint8_t *start, uint8_t *current, uint32_t maxSize)
Helper for the raw serialization.
static void EnableChecking(void)
Enable the packet metadata checking.
static struct PacketMetadata::Data * Allocate(uint32_t n)
Allocate a buffer data storage.
static bool m_enable
Enable the packet metadata.
struct Data * m_data
Metadata storage.
void Reserve(uint32_t n)
Reserve space.
uint32_t ReadUleb128(const uint8_t **pBuffer) const
Read a ULEB128 (Unsigned Little Endian Base 128) coded number.
ItemIterator BeginItem(Buffer buffer) const
Initialize the item iterator to the buffer begin.
void RemoveAtEnd(uint32_t end)
Remove a chunk of metadata at the metadata end.
uint32_t ReadItems(uint16_t current, struct PacketMetadata::SmallItem *item, struct PacketMetadata::ExtraItem *extraItem) const
Read items.
PacketMetadata & operator=(PacketMetadata const &o)
Basic assignment.
uint32_t Deserialize(const uint8_t *buffer, uint32_t size)
Deserialization from raw uint8_t*.
void AddPaddingAtEnd(uint32_t end)
Add some padding at the end.
static uint8_t * ReadFromRawU16(uint16_t &data, const uint8_t *start, const uint8_t *current, uint32_t maxSize)
Helper for the raw deserialization.
static struct PacketMetadata::Data * Create(uint32_t size)
Create a buffer data storage.
static uint16_t m_chunkUid
Chunk Uid.
void RemoveAtStart(uint32_t start)
Remove a chunk of metadata at the metadata start.
uint16_t AddSmall(const PacketMetadata::SmallItem *item)
Add a SmallItem.
static DataFreeList m_freeList
the metadata data storage
uint32_t GetUleb128Size(uint32_t value) const
Get the ULEB128 (Unsigned Little Endian Base 128) size.
void Append16(uint16_t value, uint8_t *buffer)
Append a 16-bit value to the buffer.
void AddHeader(Header const &header, uint32_t size)
Add an header.
static bool m_metadataSkipped
Set to true when adding metadata to a packet is skipped because m_enable is false; used to detect ena...
bool IsPointerOk(uint16_t pointer) const
Check if the position is valid.
uint32_t Serialize(uint8_t *buffer, uint32_t maxSize) const
Serialization to raw uint8_t*.
bool IsSharedPointerOk(uint16_t pointer) const
Check if the position is valid.
uint32_t GetTotalSize(void) const
Get the total size used by the metadata.
static uint8_t * AddToRawU8(const uint8_t &data, uint8_t *start, uint8_t *current, uint32_t maxSize)
Helper for the raw serialization.
uint16_t m_tail
list tail
void UpdateTail(uint16_t written)
Update the tail.
uint64_t m_packetUid
packet Uid
static uint8_t * AddToRaw(const uint8_t *data, uint32_t dataSize, uint8_t *start, uint8_t *current, uint32_t maxSize)
Helper for the raw serialization.
static void Enable(void)
Enable the packet metadata.
static void Recycle(struct PacketMetadata::Data *data)
Recycle the buffer memory.
void DoAddHeader(uint32_t uid, uint32_t size)
Add an header.
uint16_t AddBig(uint32_t head, uint32_t tail, const PacketMetadata::SmallItem *item, const PacketMetadata::ExtraItem *extraItem)
Add a "Big" Item (a SmallItem plus an ExtraItem)
static uint8_t * ReadFromRawU8(uint8_t &data, const uint8_t *start, const uint8_t *current, uint32_t maxSize)
Helper for the raw deserialization.
static uint8_t * AddToRawU16(const uint16_t &data, uint8_t *start, uint8_t *current, uint32_t maxSize)
Helper for the raw serialization.
void AddAtEnd(PacketMetadata const &o)
Add a metadata at the metadata start.
static uint8_t * AddToRawU64(const uint64_t &data, uint8_t *start, uint8_t *current, uint32_t maxSize)
Helper for the raw serialization.
uint32_t GetSerializedSize(void) const
Get the metadata serialized size.
void RemoveHeader(Header const &header, uint32_t size)
Remove an header.
void AddTrailer(Trailer const &trailer, uint32_t size)
Add a trailer.
uint16_t m_used
used portion
uint64_t GetUid(void) const
Get the packet Uid.
Protocol trailer serialization and deserialization.
Definition: trailer.h:41
a unique identifier for an interface.
Definition: type-id.h:59
#define NS_ASSERT(condition)
At runtime, in debugging builds, if this condition is not true, the program prints the source file,...
Definition: assert.h:67
Ptr< T > Create(Ts &&... args)
Create class instances by constructors with varying numbers of arguments and return them by Ptr.
Definition: ptr.h:409
Every class exported by the ns3 library is enclosed in the ns3 namespace.
def start()
Definition: core.py:1853
the size of PacketMetadata::Data::m_data such that the total size of PacketMetadata::Data is 16 bytes
uint8_t data[writeSize]
uint16_t m_size
size (in bytes) of m_data buffer below
variable-sized buffer of bytes
uint32_t m_count
number of references to this struct Data instance.
uint16_t m_dirtyEnd
max of the m_used field over all objects which reference this struct Data instance
uint32_t fragmentEnd
offset (in bytes) from start of original header to the end of the fragment still present.
uint64_t packetUid
the packetUid of the packet in which this header or trailer was first added.
uint32_t fragmentStart
offset (in bytes) from start of original header to the start of the fragment still present.
structure describing a packet metadata item
TypeId tid
TypeId of Header or Trailer.
enum ns3::PacketMetadata::Item::ItemType type
metadata type
bool isFragment
true: this is a fragmented header, trailer, or, payload.
uint32_t currentTrimedFromEnd
how many bytes were trimmed from the end of a fragment.
uint32_t currentTrimedFromStart
how many bytes were trimmed from the start of a fragment.
Buffer::Iterator current
an iterator which can be fed to Deserialize.
Type of data in the packet.
uint32_t currentSize
size of item.
uint16_t next
offset (in bytes) from start of m_data buffer to next element in linked list.
uint16_t chunkUid
this field tries to uniquely identify each header or trailer instance while the typeUid field uniquel...
uint32_t typeUid
the high 31 bits of this field identify the type of the header or trailer represented by this item: t...
uint32_t size
the size (in bytes) of the header or trailer represented by this element.
uint16_t prev
offset (in bytes) from start of m_data buffer to previous element in linked list.