A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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Deprecated List
Member ns3::Ipv4MulticastRoute::GetOutputTtl (uint32_t oif) NS_DEPRECATED
Member ns3::Ipv6AddressHelper::NewNetwork (Ipv6Address network, Ipv6Prefix prefix) NS_DEPRECATED
Member ns3::Ipv6MulticastRoute::GetOutputTtl (uint32_t oif) NS_DEPRECATED
Member ns3::Packet::PeekData (void) const NS_DEPRECATED
Note that this method is now deprecated and will be removed in a future version of ns-3. To get access to the content of the byte buffer of a packet, call CopyData"()" to perform an explicit copy.
Class ns3::RefCountBase
Users who wish to use reference counting for a class of their own should use instead the template ns3::SimpleRefCount. This class is maintained purely for compatibility to avoid breaking the code of users.
Member ns3::TestCase::AddTestCase (TestCase *testCase) NS_DEPRECATED
this method will go away in future versions of ns-3. Please use instead AddTestCase (TestCase, TestDuration)
Member ns3::TestCase::GetErrorStatus (void) const NS_DEPRECATED
This method is deprecated. IsStatusFailure replaces it.
Member ns3::UanPhy::SetRxThresholdDb (double thresh)=0
See UanPhyPer.