A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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1/* -*- Mode:C++; c-file-style:"gnu"; indent-tabs-mode:nil; -*- */
3 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
4 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
5 * published by the Free Software Foundation;
6 *
7 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
8 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
10 * GNU General Public License for more details.
11 *
12 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
13 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
14 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
15 *
16 * Author: George F. Riley<riley@ece.gatech.edu>
17 * Author: John Abraham <john.abraham@gatech.edu>
18 * Contributions: Eugene Kalishenko <ydginster@gmail.com> (Open Source and Linux Laboratory http://dev.osll.ru/)
19 */
21// Interface between ns3 and the network animator
26#include <string>
27#include <cstdio>
28#include <map>
30#include "ns3/ptr.h"
31#include "ns3/net-device.h"
32#include "ns3/node-container.h"
33#include "ns3/nstime.h"
34#include "ns3/log.h"
35#include "ns3/node-list.h"
36#include "ns3/random-variable-stream.h"
37#include "ns3/simulator.h"
38#include "ns3/config.h"
39#include "ns3/mac48-address.h"
40#include "ns3/lte-ue-net-device.h"
41#include "ns3/lte-enb-net-device.h"
42#include "ns3/uan-phy-gen.h"
43#include "ns3/wifi-phy.h"
44#include "ns3/rectangle.h"
45#include "ns3/ipv4.h"
46#include "ns3/ipv4-l3-protocol.h"
47#include "ns3/wifi-phy.h"
49namespace ns3 {
51#define MAX_PKTS_PER_TRACE_FILE 100000
52#define PURGE_INTERVAL 5
53#define NETANIM_VERSION "netanim-3.108"
54#define CHECK_STARTED_INTIMEWINDOW {if (!m_started || !IsInTimeWindow ()) {return; }}
55#define CHECK_STARTED_INTIMEWINDOW_TRACKPACKETS {if (!m_started || !IsInTimeWindow () || !m_trackPackets) {return; }}
58struct NodeSize;
59class WifiPsdu;
83 AnimationInterface (const std::string filename);
88 typedef enum
89 {
99 typedef void (*AnimWriteCallback)(const char * str);
115 void EnableIpv4L3ProtocolCounters (Time startTime, Time stopTime, Time pollInterval = Seconds (1));
125 void EnableQueueCounters (Time startTime, Time stopTime, Time pollInterval = Seconds (1));
135 void EnableWifiMacCounters (Time startTime, Time stopTime, Time pollInterval = Seconds (1));
145 void EnableWifiPhyCounters (Time startTime, Time stopTime, Time pollInterval = Seconds (1));
158 AnimationInterface & EnableIpv4RouteTracking (std::string fileName, Time startTime, Time stopTime, Time pollInterval = Seconds (5));
172 AnimationInterface & EnableIpv4RouteTracking (std::string fileName, Time startTime, Time stopTime, NodeContainer nc, Time pollInterval = Seconds (5));
180 static bool IsInitialized (void);
188 void SetStartTime (Time t);
196 void SetStopTime (Time t);
206 void SetMaxPktsPerTraceFile (uint64_t maxPktsPerFile);
240 static void SetConstantPosition (Ptr <Node> n, double x, double y, double z = 0);
248 void UpdateNodeDescription (Ptr <Node> n, std::string descr);
256 void UpdateNodeDescription (uint32_t nodeId, std::string descr);
264 void UpdateNodeImage (uint32_t nodeId, uint32_t resourceId);
273 void UpdateNodeSize (uint32_t nodeId, double width, double height);
283 void UpdateNodeColor (Ptr <Node> n, uint8_t r, uint8_t g, uint8_t b);
293 void UpdateNodeColor (uint32_t nodeId, uint8_t r, uint8_t g, uint8_t b);
302 void UpdateNodeCounter (uint32_t nodeCounterId, uint32_t nodeId, double counter);
315 void SetBackgroundImage (std::string fileName, double x, double y, double scaleX, double scaleY, double opacity);
324 void UpdateLinkDescription (uint32_t fromNode, uint32_t toNode,
325 std::string linkDescription);
334 void UpdateLinkDescription (Ptr <Node> fromNode, Ptr <Node> toNode,
335 std::string linkDescription);
344 AnimationInterface & AddSourceDestination (uint32_t fromNodeId, std::string destinationIpv4Address);
351 bool IsStarted (void);
357 void SkipPacketTracing ();
366 void EnablePacketMetadata (bool enable = true);
374 uint64_t GetTracePktCount ();
384 uint32_t AddNodeCounter (std::string counterName, CounterType counterType);
393 uint32_t AddResource (std::string resourcePath);
402 double GetNodeEnergyFraction (Ptr <const Node> node) const;
410 {
418 AnimPacketInfo (const AnimPacketInfo & pInfo);
426 AnimPacketInfo (Ptr <const NetDevice> tx_nd, const Time fbTx, uint32_t txNodeId = 0);
429 double m_fbTx;
430 double m_lbTx;
431 double m_fbRx;
432 double m_lbRx;
439 void ProcessRxBegin (Ptr <const NetDevice> nd, const double fbRx);
440 };
443 typedef struct
444 {
445 uint8_t r;
446 uint8_t g;
447 uint8_t b;
448 } Rgb;
451 typedef struct
452 {
458 typedef struct
459 {
461 std::string toNodeDescription;
462 std::string linkDescription;
467 {
476 {
477 //Check if they are the same node pairs but flipped
478 if ( ((first.fromNode == second.fromNode) && (first.toNode == second.toNode))
479 || ((first.fromNode == second.toNode) && (first.toNode == second.fromNode)) )
480 {
481 return false;
482 }
483 std::ostringstream oss1;
484 oss1 << first.fromNode << first.toNode;
485 std::ostringstream oss2;
486 oss2 << second.fromNode << second.toNode;
487 return oss1.str () < oss2.str ();
488 }
490 };
493 typedef struct
494 {
495 std::string destination;
500 typedef struct
501 {
503 std::string nextHop;
507 typedef enum
508 {
515 WAVE
519 typedef struct
520 {
521 double width;
522 double height;
523 } NodeSize;
524 typedef std::map <P2pLinkNodeIdPair, LinkProperties, LinkPairCompare> LinkPropertiesMap;
525 typedef std::map <uint32_t, std::string> NodeDescriptionsMap;
526 typedef std::map <uint32_t, Rgb> NodeColorsMap;
527 typedef std::map<uint64_t, AnimPacketInfo> AnimUidPacketInfoMap;
528 typedef std::map <uint32_t, double> EnergyFractionMap;
529 typedef std::vector <Ipv4RoutePathElement> Ipv4RoutePathElements;
530 typedef std::multimap <uint32_t, std::string> NodeIdIpv4Map;
531 typedef std::multimap <uint32_t, std::string> NodeIdIpv6Map;
532 typedef std::pair <uint32_t, std::string> NodeIdIpv4Pair;
533 typedef std::pair <uint32_t, std::string> NodeIdIpv6Pair;
536 // Node Counters
537 typedef std::map <uint32_t, uint64_t> NodeCounterMap64;
542 {
550 AnimXmlElement (std::string tagName, bool emptyElement = true);
551 template <typename T>
558 void AddAttribute (std::string attribute, T value, bool xmlEscape = false);
563 void SetText (std::string text);
574 std::string ToString (bool autoClose = true);
577 std::string m_tagName;
578 std::string m_text;
579 std::vector<std::string> m_attributes;
580 std::vector<std::string> m_children;
582 };
586 // ##### State #####
588 FILE * m_f;
589 FILE * m_routingF;
591 std::string m_outputFileName;
592 uint64_t gAnimUid;
599 std::string m_originalFileName;
601 std::string m_routingFileName;
615 // Counter ID
642 std::map <uint32_t, Vector> m_nodeLocation;
643 std::map <std::string, uint32_t> m_macToNodeIdMap;
644 std::map <std::string, uint32_t> m_ipv4ToNodeIdMap;
645 std::map <std::string, uint32_t> m_ipv6ToNodeIdMap;
654 std::vector <Ipv4RouteTrackElement> m_ipv4RouteTrackElements;
655 std::map <uint32_t, NodeSize> m_nodeSizes;
656 std::vector <std::string> m_resources;
657 std::vector <std::string> m_nodeCounters;
659 /* Value-added custom counters */
682 const std::vector<std::string> GetElementsFromContext (const std::string& context) const;
688 Ptr <Node> GetNodeFromContext (const std::string& context) const;
694 Ptr <NetDevice> GetNetDeviceFromContext (std::string context);
696 // ##### General #####
702 void StartAnimation (bool restart = false);
709 void SetOutputFile (const std::string& fn, bool routing = false);
715 void StopAnimation (bool onlyAnimation = false);
721 std::string CounterTypeToString (CounterType counterType);
727 std::string GetPacketMetadata (Ptr<const Packet> p);
733 void AddByteTag (uint64_t animUid, Ptr<const Packet> p);
741 int WriteN (const char* data, uint32_t count, FILE * f);
748 int WriteN (const std::string& st, FILE * f);
754 std::string GetMacAddress (Ptr <NetDevice> nd);
760 std::string GetIpv4Address (Ptr <NetDevice> nd);
766 std::string GetIpv6Address (Ptr <NetDevice> nd);
772 std::vector<std::string> GetIpv4Addresses (Ptr <NetDevice> nd);
778 std::vector<std::string> GetIpv6Addresses (Ptr <NetDevice> nd);
784 std::string GetNetAnimVersion ();
786 void MobilityAutoCheck ();
793 bool IsPacketPending (uint64_t animUid, ProtocolType protocolType);
798 void PurgePendingPackets (ProtocolType protocolType);
810 std::string ProtocolTypeToString (ProtocolType protocolType);
817 void AddPendingPacket (ProtocolType protocolType, uint64_t animUid, AnimPacketInfo pktInfo);
829 void AddToIpv4AddressNodeIdTable (std::string ipv4Address, uint32_t nodeId);
835 void AddToIpv4AddressNodeIdTable (std::vector<std::string> ipv4Addresses, uint32_t nodeId);
841 void AddToIpv6AddressNodeIdTable (std::string ipv6Address, uint32_t nodeId);
847 void AddToIpv6AddressNodeIdTable (std::vector<std::string> ipv6Addresses, uint32_t nodeId);
852 bool IsInTimeWindow ();
857 void TrackWifiPhyCounters ();
859 void TrackWifiMacCounters ();
863 void TrackQueueCounters ();
864 // ##### Routing #####
866 void TrackIpv4Route ();
868 void TrackIpv4RoutePaths ();
874 std::string GetIpv4RoutingTable (Ptr <Node> n);
881 void RecursiveIpv4RoutePathSearch (std::string from, std::string to, Ipv4RoutePathElements &rpElements);
888 void WriteRoutePath (uint32_t nodeId, std::string destination, Ipv4RoutePathElements rpElements);
891 // ##### Trace #####
897 void EnqueueTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet>);
903 void DequeueTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet>);
909 void QueueDropTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet>);
917 void Ipv4TxTrace (std::string context,
919 uint32_t interfaceIndex);
927 void Ipv4RxTrace (std::string context,
929 uint32_t interfaceIndex);
939 void Ipv4DropTrace (std::string context,
940 const Ipv4Header & ipv4Header,
942 Ipv4L3Protocol::DropReason dropReason, Ptr<Ipv4> ipv4,
943 uint32_t interfaceIndex);
950 void WifiMacTxTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet> p);
956 void WifiMacTxDropTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet> p);
962 void WifiMacRxTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet> p);
968 void WifiMacRxDropTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet> p);
974 void WifiPhyTxDropTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet> p);
981 void WifiPhyRxDropTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet> p, WifiPhyRxfailureReason reason);
987 void LrWpanMacTxTrace (std::string context,
994 void LrWpanMacTxDropTrace (std::string context,
1001 void LrWpanMacRxTrace (std::string context,
1008 void LrWpanMacRxDropTrace (std::string context,
1019 void DevTxTrace (std::string context,
1021 Ptr<NetDevice> tx,
1022 Ptr<NetDevice> rx,
1023 Time txTime,
1024 Time rxTime);
1032 void WifiPhyTxBeginTrace (std::string context, WifiConstPsduMap psduMap, WifiTxVector txVector, double txPowerW);
1040 void WifiPhyRxBeginTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet> p, RxPowerWattPerChannelBand rxPowersW);
1046 void WavePhyTxBeginTrace (std::string context,
1054 void WavePhyRxBeginTrace (std::string context,
1062 void LrWpanPhyTxBeginTrace (std::string context,
1070 void LrWpanPhyRxBeginTrace (std::string context,
1078 void WimaxTxTrace (std::string context,
1080 const Mac48Address & m);
1087 void WimaxRxTrace (std::string context,
1089 const Mac48Address & m);
1095 void CsmaPhyTxBeginTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet> p);
1102 void CsmaPhyTxEndTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet> p);
1109 void CsmaPhyRxEndTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet> p);
1116 void CsmaMacRxTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet> p);
1123 void LteTxTrace (std::string context,
1125 const Mac48Address & m);
1132 void LteRxTrace (std::string context,
1134 const Mac48Address & m);
1140 void LteSpectrumPhyTxStart (std::string context, Ptr<const PacketBurst> pb);
1146 void LteSpectrumPhyRxStart (std::string context, Ptr<const PacketBurst> pb);
1152 void UanPhyGenTxTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet>);
1158 void UanPhyGenRxTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet>);
1165 void RemainingEnergyTrace (std::string context, double previousEnergy, double currentEnergy);
1172 void GenericWirelessTxTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet> p, ProtocolType protocolType);
1179 void GenericWirelessRxTrace (std::string context, Ptr<const Packet> p, ProtocolType protocolType);
1183 void ConnectCallbacks ();
1185 void ConnectLte ();
1202 // ##### Mobility #####
1208 Vector GetPosition (Ptr <Node> n);
1214 Vector UpdatePosition (Ptr <Node> n);
1221 Vector UpdatePosition (Ptr <Node> n, Vector v);
1227 Vector UpdatePosition (Ptr <NetDevice> ndev);
1234 bool NodeHasMoved (Ptr <Node> n, Vector newLocation);
1239 std::vector < Ptr <Node> > GetMovedNodes ();
1247 // ##### XML Helpers #####
1255 void WriteNonP2pLinkProperties (uint32_t id, std::string ipv4Address, std::string channelType);
1267 void OutputWirelessPacketTxInfo (Ptr<const Packet> p, AnimPacketInfo& pktInfo, uint64_t animUid);
1274 void OutputWirelessPacketRxInfo (Ptr<const Packet> p, AnimPacketInfo& pktInfo, uint64_t animUid);
1282 void WriteLinkProperties ();
1284 void WriteIpv4Addresses ();
1286 void WriteIpv6Addresses ();
1288 void WriteNodes ();
1290 void WriteNodeColors ();
1292 void WriteNodeSizes ();
1294 void WriteNodeEnergies ();
1299 void WriteXmlAnim (bool routing = false);
1306 void WriteXmlUpdateNodePosition (uint32_t nodeId, double x, double y);
1314 void WriteXmlUpdateNodeColor (uint32_t nodeId, uint8_t r, uint8_t g, uint8_t b);
1326 void WriteXmlUpdateNodeSize (uint32_t nodeId, double width, double height);
1332 void WriteXmlAddResource (uint32_t resourceId, std::string resourcePath);
1339 void WriteXmlAddNodeCounter (uint32_t counterId, std::string counterName, CounterType counterType);
1345 void WriteXmlUpdateNodeImage (uint32_t nodeId, uint32_t resourceId);
1352 void WriteXmlUpdateNodeCounter (uint32_t counterId, uint32_t nodeId, double value);
1360 void WriteXmlNode (uint32_t id, uint32_t sysId, double locX, double locY);
1367 void WriteXmlLink (uint32_t fromId, uint32_t toLp, uint32_t toId);
1374 void WriteXmlUpdateLink (uint32_t fromId, uint32_t toId, std::string linkDescription);
1386 void WriteXmlP (std::string pktType,
1387 uint32_t fId,
1388 double fbTx,
1389 double lbTx,
1390 uint32_t tId,
1391 double fbRx,
1392 double lbRx,
1393 std::string metaInfo = "");
1402 void WriteXmlP (uint64_t animUid, std::string pktType, uint32_t fId, double fbTx, double lbTx);
1410 void WriteXmlPRef (uint64_t animUid, uint32_t fId, double fbTx, std::string metaInfo = "");
1416 void WriteXmlClose (std::string name, bool routing = false);
1423 void WriteXmlNonP2pLinkProperties (uint32_t id, std::string ipAddress, std::string channelType);
1429 void WriteXmlRouting (uint32_t id, std::string routingInfo);
1436 void WriteXmlRp (uint32_t nodeId, std::string destination, Ipv4RoutePathElements rpElements);
1446 void WriteXmlUpdateBackground (std::string fileName, double x, double y, double scaleX, double scaleY, double opacity);
1452 void WriteXmlIpv4Addresses (uint32_t nodeId, std::vector<std::string> ipv4Addresses);
1458 void WriteXmlIpv6Addresses (uint32_t nodeId, std::vector<std::string> ipv6Addresses);
1476class AnimByteTag : public Tag
1484 static TypeId GetTypeId (void);
1491 virtual TypeId GetInstanceTypeId (void) const;
1498 virtual uint32_t GetSerializedSize (void) const;
1505 virtual void Serialize (TagBuffer i) const;
1512 virtual void Deserialize (TagBuffer i);
1519 virtual void Print (std::ostream &os) const;
1526 void Set (uint64_t AnimUid);
1533 uint64_t Get (void) const;
1536 uint64_t m_AnimUid;
double f(double x, void *params)
Definition: 80211b.c:70
Byte tag using by Anim to uniquely identify packets.
virtual void Serialize(TagBuffer i) const
Serialize function.
virtual void Deserialize(TagBuffer i)
Deserialize function.
virtual void Print(std::ostream &os) const
Print tag info.
virtual TypeId GetInstanceTypeId(void) const
Get Instance Type Id.
virtual uint32_t GetSerializedSize(void) const
Get Serialized Size.
static TypeId GetTypeId(void)
Get Type Id.
uint64_t Get(void) const
Get Uid in tag.
uint64_t m_AnimUid
the UID
void Set(uint64_t AnimUid)
Set global Uid in tag.
Ptr< const NetDevice > m_txnd
transmit device
void ProcessRxBegin(Ptr< const NetDevice > nd, const double fbRx)
Process receive begin.
Ptr< const NetDevice > m_rxnd
receive device
void AppendChild(AnimXmlElement e)
Append child function.
std::vector< std::string > m_children
list of children
void SetText(std::string text)
Set text function.
std::vector< std::string > m_attributes
list of attributes
std::string ToString(bool autoClose=true)
Get text for the element function.
AnimXmlElement(std::string tagName, bool emptyElement=true)
void AddAttribute(std::string attribute, T value, bool xmlEscape=false)
Add attribute function.
Interface to network animator.
FILE * m_f
File handle for output (0 if none)
Time m_wifiMacCountersPollInterval
wifi MAC counters poll interval
void CsmaPhyRxEndTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
CSMA Phy receive end trace function.
void WriteNodeSizes()
Write node sizes function.
uint32_t AddNodeCounter(std::string counterName, CounterType counterType)
Setup a node counter.
void TrackQueueCounters()
Track queue counters function.
void SetMobilityPollInterval(Time t)
Set mobility poll interval:WARNING: setting a low interval can cause slowness.
uint32_t m_wifiMacRxCounterId
wifi MAC receive counter ID
bool IsPacketPending(uint64_t animUid, ProtocolType protocolType)
Is packet pending function.
bool NodeHasMoved(Ptr< Node > n, Vector newLocation)
Node has moved function.
void LrWpanPhyTxBeginTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
LR-WPAN Phy receive begin trace function.
uint32_t m_queueDropCounterId
queue drop counter ID
void WimaxTxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p, const Mac48Address &m)
WIMax transmit trace function.
void LrWpanPhyRxBeginTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
LR-WPAN Phy receive begin trace function.
Time m_routingPollInterval
routing poll interval
void OutputCsmaPacket(Ptr< const Packet > p, AnimPacketInfo &pktInfo)
Output CSMA packet function.
uint64_t GetAnimUidFromPacket(Ptr< const Packet >)
Get anim UID from packet function.
EnergyFractionMap m_nodeEnergyFraction
node energy fraction
AnimUidPacketInfoMap m_pendingWavePackets
pending WAVE packets
void GenericWirelessTxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p, ProtocolType protocolType)
Generic wireless transmit trace function.
std::map< uint32_t, Rgb > NodeColorsMap
NodeColorsMap typedef.
void LteRxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p, const Mac48Address &m)
LTE receive trace function.
std::string ProtocolTypeToString(ProtocolType protocolType)
Protocol type to string function.
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeLrWpanMacRx
node LR-WPAN MAC receive
std::string m_routingFileName
routing file name
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeIpv4Tx
node IPv4 transmit
std::map< std::string, uint32_t > m_ipv6ToNodeIdMap
IPv6 to node ID map.
void MobilityAutoCheck()
Mobility auto check function.
void WriteXmlRouting(uint32_t id, std::string routingInfo)
Write XML routing function.
void WifiPhyRxDropTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p, WifiPhyRxfailureReason reason)
wifi Phy receive drop trace function
void WifiMacRxDropTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
wifi MAC receive drop trace function
bool IsStarted(void)
Is AnimationInterface started.
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeQueueDrop
node queue drop
void ConnectLteUe(Ptr< Node > n, Ptr< LteUeNetDevice > nd, uint32_t devIndex)
Connect LTE ue function.
void DequeueTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet >)
Dequeue trace function.
void ConnectCallbacks()
Connect callbacks function.
void WriteRoutePath(uint32_t nodeId, std::string destination, Ipv4RoutePathElements rpElements)
Write route path function.
AnimUidPacketInfoMap * ProtocolTypeToPendingPackets(ProtocolType protocolType)
Protocol type to pending packets function.
void RemainingEnergyTrace(std::string context, double previousEnergy, double currentEnergy)
Remaining energy trace function.
void Ipv4DropTrace(std::string context, const Ipv4Header &ipv4Header, Ptr< const Packet > p, Ipv4L3Protocol::DropReason dropReason, Ptr< Ipv4 > ipv4, uint32_t interfaceIndex)
IPv4 drop trace function.
NodeColorsMap m_nodeColors
node colors
std::multimap< uint32_t, std::string > NodeIdIpv6Map
NodeIdIpv6Map typedef.
void UpdateNodeCounter(uint32_t nodeCounterId, uint32_t nodeId, double counter)
Helper function to update a node's counter referenced by the nodeCounterId.
void WifiPhyRxBeginTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p, RxPowerWattPerChannelBand rxPowersW)
wifi Phy receive begin trace function
void LrWpanMacRxDropTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
LR-WPAN MAC receive drop trace function.
void LteSpectrumPhyTxStart(std::string context, Ptr< const PacketBurst > pb)
LTE Spectrum Phy transmit start function.
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeLrWpanMacTx
node LR-WPAN MAC transmit
void WriteXmlAddNodeCounter(uint32_t counterId, std::string counterName, CounterType counterType)
Write XML add node counter function.
void WriteXmlPRef(uint64_t animUid, uint32_t fId, double fbTx, std::string metaInfo="")
Write XMLP Ref function.
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeWifiPhyTxDrop
node wifi Phy transmit drop
void WriteLinkProperties()
Write link properties function.
void WriteIpv4Addresses()
Write IPv4 Addresses function.
const std::vector< std::string > GetElementsFromContext(const std::string &context) const
Get elements from context.
void WriteXmlAddResource(uint32_t resourceId, std::string resourcePath)
Write XML add resource function.
void OutputWirelessPacketTxInfo(Ptr< const Packet > p, AnimPacketInfo &pktInfo, uint64_t animUid)
Output wireless packet transmit info.
void LteSpectrumPhyRxStart(std::string context, Ptr< const PacketBurst > pb)
LTE Spectrum Phy receive start function.
void SetOutputFile(const std::string &fn, bool routing=false)
Set output file function.
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeWifiMacTx
node wifi MAC transmit
std::map< uint32_t, std::string > NodeDescriptionsMap
NodeDescriptionsMap typedef.
AnimUidPacketInfoMap m_pendingWimaxPackets
pending wimax packets
void LteTxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p, const Mac48Address &m)
LTE transmit trace function.
void EnableIpv4L3ProtocolCounters(Time startTime, Time stopTime, Time pollInterval=Seconds(1))
Enable tracking of Ipv4 L3 Protocol Counters such as Tx, Rx, Drop.
int WriteN(const char *data, uint32_t count, FILE *f)
WriteN function.
std::map< std::string, uint32_t > m_macToNodeIdMap
MAC to node ID map.
Ptr< Node > GetNodeFromContext(const std::string &context) const
Get node from context.
std::map< uint32_t, Vector > m_nodeLocation
node location
Ptr< NetDevice > GetNetDeviceFromContext(std::string context)
Get net device from context.
FILE * m_routingF
File handle for routing table output (0 if None);.
void UpdateNodeImage(uint32_t nodeId, uint32_t resourceId)
Helper function to update the image of a node.
void TrackWifiPhyCounters()
Track wifi phy counters function.
void WavePhyTxBeginTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
WAVE Phy transmit begin trace function.
AnimUidPacketInfoMap m_pendingUanPackets
pending UAN packets
void TrackIpv4RoutePaths()
Track IPv4 route paths function.
double GetNodeEnergyFraction(Ptr< const Node > node) const
Get node's energy fraction (This used only for testing)
bool IsInTimeWindow()
Is in time window function.
void CsmaPhyTxBeginTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
CSMA Phy transmit begin trace function.
bool m_enablePacketMetadata
enable packet metadata
void PurgePendingPackets(ProtocolType protocolType)
Purge pending packets function.
void SetMaxPktsPerTraceFile(uint64_t maxPktsPerFile)
Set Max packets per trace file.
uint64_t m_maxPktsPerFile
maximum pakets per file
uint32_t m_ipv4L3ProtocolRxCounterId
IPv4 L3 protocol receive counter ID.
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeIpv4Rx
node IPv4 receive
Destructor for the animator interface.
void AddToIpv4AddressNodeIdTable(std::string ipv4Address, uint32_t nodeId)
Add to IPv4 address node ID table function.
NodeIdIpv4Map m_nodeIdIpv4Map
node ID to IPv4 map
Time m_queueCountersPollInterval
queue counters poll interval
std::map< P2pLinkNodeIdPair, LinkProperties, LinkPairCompare > LinkPropertiesMap
LinkPropertiesMap typedef.
std::vector< std::string > GetIpv6Addresses(Ptr< NetDevice > nd)
Get IPv6 addresses.
void UpdateLinkDescription(uint32_t fromNode, uint32_t toNode, std::string linkDescription)
Helper function to update the description for a link.
void Ipv4RxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p, Ptr< Ipv4 > ipv4, uint32_t interfaceIndex)
IPv4 receive trace function.
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeQueueEnqueue
node queue enqueue
void WriteXmlUpdateNodeCounter(uint32_t counterId, uint32_t nodeId, double value)
Write XML update node counter function.
std::vector< std::string > GetIpv4Addresses(Ptr< NetDevice > nd)
Get IPv4 addresses.
Time m_wifiPhyCountersPollInterval
wifi Phy counters poll interval
uint32_t m_queueDequeueCounterId
queue dequeue counter ID
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeWifiMacRx
node wifi MAC receive
void AddToIpv6AddressNodeIdTable(std::string ipv6Address, uint32_t nodeId)
Add to IPv6 address node ID table function.
AnimationInterface & AddSourceDestination(uint32_t fromNodeId, std::string destinationIpv4Address)
Helper function to print the routing path from a source node to destination IP.
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeIpv4Drop
node IPv4 drop
Time m_ipv4L3ProtocolCountersStopTime
IPv4 L3 protocol counters stop time.
uint32_t m_queueEnqueueCounterId
queue enqueue counter ID
void AddByteTag(uint64_t animUid, Ptr< const Packet > p)
Add byte tag function.
Time m_ipv4L3ProtocolCountersPollInterval
IPv4 L3 protocol counters poll interval.
void WriteNonP2pLinkProperties(uint32_t id, std::string ipv4Address, std::string channelType)
Write non P2P link properties function.
void StopAnimation(bool onlyAnimation=false)
Stop animation function.
std::vector< Ipv4RoutePathElement > Ipv4RoutePathElements
Ipv4RoutePathElements typedef.
void UanPhyGenTxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet >)
UAN Phy gen transmit trace function.
void WifiMacTxDropTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
wifi MAC transmit drop trace function
uint32_t m_ipv4L3ProtocolTxCounterId
IPv4 L3 protocol transmit counter ID.
Time m_queueCountersStopTime
queue counters stop time
std::string CounterTypeToString(CounterType counterType)
Counter type to string function.
ProtocolType enumeration.
std::string GetMacAddress(Ptr< NetDevice > nd)
Get MAC address function.
std::vector< Ptr< Node > > GetMovedNodes()
Get moved nodes function.
uint32_t m_wifiMacTxCounterId
wifi MAC transmit counter ID
void SkipPacketTracing()
Do not trace packets.
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeWifiMacRxDrop
node wifi MAC receive drop
NodeDescriptionsMap m_nodeDescriptions
node description
void WriteXmlAnim(bool routing=false)
Write XML anim function.
std::map< uint32_t, double > EnergyFractionMap
EnergyFractionMap typedef.
void SetStartTime(Time t)
Specify the time at which capture should start.
uint32_t AddResource(std::string resourcePath)
Add a resource such as the path to an image file.
AnimationInterface(const std::string filename)
std::string GetIpv6Address(Ptr< NetDevice > nd)
Get IPv6 address.
void WriteNodeEnergies()
Write node energies function.
std::map< uint32_t, uint64_t > NodeCounterMap64
NodeCounterMap64 typedef.
static Rectangle * userBoundary
user boundary
void CsmaMacRxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
CSMA MAC receive trace function.
void WifiPhyTxBeginTrace(std::string context, WifiConstPsduMap psduMap, WifiTxVector txVector, double txPowerW)
wifi Phy transmit PSDU begin trace function
void UanPhyGenRxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet >)
UAN Phy gen receive trace function.
LinkPropertiesMap m_linkProperties
link properties
void WriteXmlUpdateNodeDescription(uint32_t nodeId)
Write XML update node description function.
std::map< uint32_t, NodeSize > m_nodeSizes
node sizes
std::pair< uint32_t, std::string > NodeIdIpv6Pair
NodeIdIpv6Pair typedef.
void(* AnimWriteCallback)(const char *str)
typedef for WriteCallBack used for listening to AnimationInterface write messages
void ConnectLte()
Connect LTE function.
bool m_trackPackets
track packets
std::string GetNetAnimVersion()
Get netanim version function.
void WriteXmlNonP2pLinkProperties(uint32_t id, std::string ipAddress, std::string channelType)
Write XML non P2P link properties function.
void UpdateNodeSize(uint32_t nodeId, double width, double height)
Helper function to update the size of a node.
AnimationInterface & EnableIpv4RouteTracking(std::string fileName, Time startTime, Time stopTime, Time pollInterval=Seconds(5))
Enable tracking of the Ipv4 routing table for all Nodes.
void WriteXmlClose(std::string name, bool routing=false)
Write XML close function.
uint64_t gAnimUid
Packet unique identifier used by AnimationInterface.
void CheckMaxPktsPerTraceFile()
Check maximum packets per trace file function.
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeLrWpanMacTxDrop
node LR-WPAN MAC transmit drop
NodeIdIpv6Map m_nodeIdIpv6Map
node ID to IPv6 map
void TrackIpv4Route()
Track IPv4 router function.
void EnableWifiPhyCounters(Time startTime, Time stopTime, Time pollInterval=Seconds(1))
Enable tracking of Wifi Phy Counters such as TxDrop, RxDrop.
AnimUidPacketInfoMap m_pendingWifiPackets
pending wifi packets
void EnablePacketMetadata(bool enable=true)
Enable Packet metadata.
Time m_routingStopTime
routing stop time
void SetStopTime(Time t)
Specify the time at which capture should stop.
void MobilityCourseChangeTrace(Ptr< const MobilityModel > mob)
Mobility course change trace function.
void EnableWifiMacCounters(Time startTime, Time stopTime, Time pollInterval=Seconds(1))
Enable tracking of Wifi Mac Counters such as Tx, TxDrop, Rx, RxDrop.
void WriteXmlP(std::string pktType, uint32_t fId, double fbTx, double lbTx, uint32_t tId, double fbRx, double lbRx, std::string metaInfo="")
Write XMLP function.
uint32_t m_wifiMacTxDropCounterId
wifi MAC transmit drop counter ID
void WriteXmlRp(uint32_t nodeId, std::string destination, Ipv4RoutePathElements rpElements)
Write XMLRP function.
AnimUidPacketInfoMap m_pendingLrWpanPackets
pending LR-WPAN packets
void WifiMacTxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
wifi MAC transmit trace function
void ResetAnimWriteCallback()
Reset the write callback function.
void WimaxRxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p, const Mac48Address &m)
WIMax receive trace function.
void LrWpanMacTxDropTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
LR-WPAN MAC transmit drop trace function.
void LrWpanMacRxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
LR-WPAN MAC receive trace function.
uint64_t GetTracePktCount()
Get trace file packet count (This used only for testing)
std::vector< std::string > m_nodeCounters
node counters
void WriteXmlNode(uint32_t id, uint32_t sysId, double locX, double locY)
Write XML node function.
AnimWriteCallback m_writeCallback
write callback
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeWifiMacTxDrop
node wifi MAC transmit drop
uint64_t m_currentPktCount
current packet count
std::string GetIpv4RoutingTable(Ptr< Node > n)
Get IPv4 routing table function.
void Ipv4TxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p, Ptr< Ipv4 > ipv4, uint32_t interfaceIndex)
IPv4 transmit trace function.
std::pair< uint32_t, std::string > NodeIdIpv4Pair
NodeIdIpv4Pair typedef.
void EnqueueTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet >)
Enqueue trace function.
void WriteXmlUpdateNodeColor(uint32_t nodeId, uint8_t r, uint8_t g, uint8_t b)
Write XML update node color function.
Vector UpdatePosition(Ptr< Node > n)
Update position function.
std::string m_outputFileName
output file name
void WriteIpv6Addresses()
Write IPv6 Addresses function.
void AddPendingPacket(ProtocolType protocolType, uint64_t animUid, AnimPacketInfo pktInfo)
Add pending packet function.
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeWifiPhyRxDrop
node wifi Phy receive drop
void WriteXmlIpv4Addresses(uint32_t nodeId, std::vector< std::string > ipv4Addresses)
Write XML Ipv4 addresses function.
Vector GetPosition(Ptr< Node > n)
Get position function.
AnimUidPacketInfoMap m_pendingLtePackets
pending LTE packets
void SetBackgroundImage(std::string fileName, double x, double y, double scaleX, double scaleY, double opacity)
Helper function to set the background image.
void WriteNodes()
Write nodes function.
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeLrWpanMacRxDrop
node LR-WPAN MAC receive drop
Time m_wifiMacCountersStopTime
wifi MAC counters stop time
void WriteNodeColors()
Write node colors function.
static bool IsInitialized(void)
Check if AnimationInterface is initialized.
void RecursiveIpv4RoutePathSearch(std::string from, std::string to, Ipv4RoutePathElements &rpElements)
Recursive IPv4 route path search function.
void LrWpanMacTxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
LR-WPAN MAC transmit trace function.
void WriteXmlUpdateBackground(std::string fileName, double x, double y, double scaleX, double scaleY, double opacity)
Write XML update background function.
void CsmaPhyTxEndTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
CSMA Phy transmit end trace function.
void WriteXmlUpdateNodeSize(uint32_t nodeId, double width, double height)
Write XML update node size function.
uint32_t m_remainingEnergyCounterId
remaining energy counter ID
void WriteXmlUpdateNodeImage(uint32_t nodeId, uint32_t resourceId)
Write XML update node image function.
uint32_t m_wifiMacRxDropCounterId
wifi MAC receive drop counter ID
void TrackWifiMacCounters()
Track wifi MAC counters function.
void WriteNodeUpdate(uint32_t nodeId)
Write node update function.
std::string m_originalFileName
original file name
void UpdateNodeDescription(Ptr< Node > n, std::string descr)
Helper function to update the description for a given node.
void UpdateNodeColor(Ptr< Node > n, uint8_t r, uint8_t g, uint8_t b)
Helper function to update the node color.
static void SetConstantPosition(Ptr< Node > n, double x, double y, double z=0)
Helper function to set Constant Position for a given node.
NodeCounterMap64 m_nodeQueueDequeue
node queue dequeue
void WifiPhyTxDropTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
wifi Phy transmit drop trace function
uint32_t m_wifiPhyRxDropCounterId
wifi Phy receive drop counter ID
void WriteXmlUpdateLink(uint32_t fromId, uint32_t toId, std::string linkDescription)
Write XML update link counter function.
void ConnectLteEnb(Ptr< Node > n, Ptr< LteEnbNetDevice > nd, uint32_t devIndex)
Connect LTE ENB function.
void GenericWirelessRxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p, ProtocolType protocolType)
Generic wireless receive trace function.
std::string GetPacketMetadata(Ptr< const Packet > p)
Get packet metadata function.
uint32_t m_wifiPhyTxDropCounterId
wifi Phy transmit drop counter ID
std::vector< Ipv4RouteTrackElement > m_ipv4RouteTrackElements
IPv route track elements.
std::multimap< uint32_t, std::string > NodeIdIpv4Map
NodeIdIpv4Map typedef.
void EnableQueueCounters(Time startTime, Time stopTime, Time pollInterval=Seconds(1))
Enable tracking of Queue Counters such as Enqueue, Dequeue, Queue Drops.
uint32_t m_ipv4L3ProtocolDropCounterId
IPv4 protocol drop counter ID.
Time m_wifiPhyCountersStopTime
wifi Phy counters stop time
Time m_mobilityPollInterval
mobility poll interval
void OutputWirelessPacketRxInfo(Ptr< const Packet > p, AnimPacketInfo &pktInfo, uint64_t animUid)
Output wireless packet receive info.
std::map< std::string, uint32_t > m_ipv4ToNodeIdMap
IPv4 to node ID map.
AnimUidPacketInfoMap m_pendingCsmaPackets
pending CSMA packets
std::vector< std::string > m_resources
void TrackIpv4L3ProtocolCounters()
Track IPv4 L3 protocol counters function.
void WriteXmlUpdateNodePosition(uint32_t nodeId, double x, double y)
Write XML update node position function.
void StartAnimation(bool restart=false)
Start animation function.
void DevTxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p, Ptr< NetDevice > tx, Ptr< NetDevice > rx, Time txTime, Time rxTime)
Device transmit trace function.
std::string GetIpv4Address(Ptr< NetDevice > nd)
Get IPv4 address.
void WavePhyRxBeginTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
WAVE Phy receive begin trace function.
void WifiMacRxTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet > p)
wifi MAC receive trace function
void WriteXmlIpv6Addresses(uint32_t nodeId, std::vector< std::string > ipv6Addresses)
Write XML Ipv6 addresses function.
NodeContainer m_routingNc
routing node container
void SetAnimWriteCallback(AnimWriteCallback cb)
Set a callback function to listen to AnimationInterface write events.
void QueueDropTrace(std::string context, Ptr< const Packet >)
Queue trace function.
void WriteXmlLink(uint32_t fromId, uint32_t toLp, uint32_t toId)
Write XML link counter function.
std::map< uint64_t, AnimPacketInfo > AnimUidPacketInfoMap
AnimUidPacketInfoMap typedef.
Packet header for IPv4.
Definition: ipv4-header.h:34
Reason why a packet has been dropped.
an EUI-48 address
Definition: mac48-address.h:44
keep track of a set of node pointers.
a 2d rectangle
Definition: rectangle.h:35
read and write tag data
Definition: tag-buffer.h:52
tag a set of bytes in a packet
Definition: tag.h:37
Simulation virtual time values and global simulation resolution.
Definition: nstime.h:103
a unique identifier for an interface.
Definition: type-id.h:59
This class mimics the TXVECTOR which is to be passed to the PHY in order to define the parameters whi...
Time stopTime
Time Seconds(double value)
Construct a Time in the indicated unit.
Definition: nstime.h:1244
Enumeration of the possible reception failure reasons.
Definition: first.py:1
Every class exported by the ns3 library is enclosed in the ns3 namespace.
std::unordered_map< uint16_t, Ptr< const WifiPsdu > > WifiConstPsduMap
Map of const PSDUs indexed by STA-ID.
std::map< WifiSpectrumBand, double > RxPowerWattPerChannelBand
A map of the received power (Watts) for each band.
Definition: phy-entity.h:75
list x
Random number samples.
Definition: second.py:1
uint8_t data[writeSize]