A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
ns3::Ipv6PrefixChecker Class Reference

AttributeChecker implementation for Ipv6PrefixValue. More...

#include "ipv6-address.h"

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from ns3::AttributeChecker
 AttributeChecker ()
virtual ~AttributeChecker ()
virtual bool Check (const AttributeValue &value) const =0
virtual bool Copy (const AttributeValue &source, AttributeValue &destination) const =0
 Copy the source to the destination. More...
virtual Ptr< AttributeValueCreate (void) const =0
Ptr< AttributeValueCreateValidValue (const AttributeValue &value) const
 Create a valid value from the argument value, or reinterpret the argument as a string. More...
virtual std::string GetUnderlyingTypeInformation (void) const =0
virtual std::string GetValueTypeName (void) const =0
virtual bool HasUnderlyingTypeInformation (void) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from ns3::SimpleRefCount< AttributeChecker >
 SimpleRefCount ()
 Default constructor. More...
 SimpleRefCount (const SimpleRefCount &o)
 Copy constructor. More...
uint32_t GetReferenceCount (void) const
 Get the reference count of the object. More...
SimpleRefCountoperator= (const SimpleRefCount &o)
 Assignment operator. More...
void Ref (void) const
 Increment the reference count. More...
void Unref (void) const
 Decrement the reference count. More...

Detailed Description

AttributeChecker implementation for Ipv6PrefixValue.

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