A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
ns3::Ping6Helper Class Reference

Ping6 application helper. More...

#include "ping6-helper.h"

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Public Member Functions

 Ping6Helper ()
 Constructor. More...
ApplicationContainer Install (NodeContainer c)
 Install the application in Nodes. More...
void SetAttribute (std::string name, const AttributeValue &value)
 Set some attributes. More...
void SetIfIndex (uint32_t ifIndex)
 Set the out interface index. More...
void SetLocal (Ipv6Address ip)
 Set the local IPv6 address. More...
void SetRemote (Ipv6Address ip)
 Set the remote IPv6 address. More...
void SetRoutersAddress (std::vector< Ipv6Address > routers)
 Set routers addresses for routing type 0. More...

Private Attributes

ObjectFactory m_factory
 An object factory. More...
uint32_t m_ifIndex
 Out interface index. More...
Ipv6Address m_localIp
 The local IPv6 address. More...
Ipv6Address m_remoteIp
 The remote IPv6 address. More...
std::vector< Ipv6Addressm_routers
 Routers addresses. More...

Detailed Description

Ping6 application helper.

Definition at line 38 of file ping6-helper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Ping6Helper()

ns3::Ping6Helper::Ping6Helper ( )


Definition at line 29 of file ping6-helper.cc.

References ns3::Ping6::GetTypeId(), m_factory, and ns3::ObjectFactory::SetTypeId().

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Member Function Documentation

◆ Install()

ApplicationContainer ns3::Ping6Helper::Install ( NodeContainer  c)

Install the application in Nodes.

clist of Nodes
application container

Definition at line 50 of file ping6-helper.cc.

References ns3::ApplicationContainer::Add(), ns3::Node::AddApplication(), ns3::NodeContainer::Begin(), ns3::ObjectFactory::Create(), ns3::NodeContainer::End(), m_factory, m_ifIndex, m_localIp, m_remoteIp, and m_routers.

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◆ SetAttribute()

void ns3::Ping6Helper::SetAttribute ( std::string  name,
const AttributeValue value 

Set some attributes.

nameattribute name
valueattribute value

Definition at line 45 of file ping6-helper.cc.

References m_factory, and ns3::ObjectFactory::Set().

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◆ SetIfIndex()

void ns3::Ping6Helper::SetIfIndex ( uint32_t  ifIndex)

Set the out interface index.

This is to send to link-local (unicast or multicast) address when a node has multiple interfaces.

ifIndexinterface index

Definition at line 67 of file ping6-helper.cc.

References m_ifIndex.

◆ SetLocal()

void ns3::Ping6Helper::SetLocal ( Ipv6Address  ip)

Set the local IPv6 address.

iplocal IPv6 address

Definition at line 35 of file ping6-helper.cc.

References m_localIp.

◆ SetRemote()

void ns3::Ping6Helper::SetRemote ( Ipv6Address  ip)

Set the remote IPv6 address.

ipremote IPv6 address

Definition at line 40 of file ping6-helper.cc.

References m_remoteIp.

◆ SetRoutersAddress()

void ns3::Ping6Helper::SetRoutersAddress ( std::vector< Ipv6Address routers)

Set routers addresses for routing type 0.

routersrouters addresses

Definition at line 72 of file ping6-helper.cc.

References m_routers.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_factory

ObjectFactory ns3::Ping6Helper::m_factory

An object factory.

Definition at line 91 of file ping6-helper.h.

Referenced by Ping6Helper(), Install(), and SetAttribute().

◆ m_ifIndex

uint32_t ns3::Ping6Helper::m_ifIndex

Out interface index.

Definition at line 106 of file ping6-helper.h.

Referenced by Install(), and SetIfIndex().

◆ m_localIp

Ipv6Address ns3::Ping6Helper::m_localIp

The local IPv6 address.

Definition at line 96 of file ping6-helper.h.

Referenced by Install(), and SetLocal().

◆ m_remoteIp

Ipv6Address ns3::Ping6Helper::m_remoteIp

The remote IPv6 address.

Definition at line 101 of file ping6-helper.h.

Referenced by Install(), and SetRemote().

◆ m_routers

std::vector<Ipv6Address> ns3::Ping6Helper::m_routers

Routers addresses.

Definition at line 111 of file ping6-helper.h.

Referenced by Install(), and SetRoutersAddress().

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