A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
OfdmaAckSequenceTest::FrameInfo Struct Reference

Information about transmitted frames. More...

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Public Attributes

Time endTx
 end TX time More...
WifiConstPsduMap psduMap
 transmitted PSDU map More...
Time startTx
 start TX time More...
WifiTxVector txVector
 TXVECTOR. More...

Detailed Description

Information about transmitted frames.

Definition at line 386 of file wifi-mac-ofdma-test.cc.

Member Data Documentation

◆ endTx

Time OfdmaAckSequenceTest::FrameInfo::endTx

end TX time

Definition at line 389 of file wifi-mac-ofdma-test.cc.

◆ psduMap

WifiConstPsduMap OfdmaAckSequenceTest::FrameInfo::psduMap

transmitted PSDU map

Definition at line 390 of file wifi-mac-ofdma-test.cc.

◆ startTx

Time OfdmaAckSequenceTest::FrameInfo::startTx

start TX time

Definition at line 388 of file wifi-mac-ofdma-test.cc.

◆ txVector

WifiTxVector OfdmaAckSequenceTest::FrameInfo::txVector


Definition at line 391 of file wifi-mac-ofdma-test.cc.

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