A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
vendor-specific-action.h File Reference
#include <ostream>
#include <map>
#include "ns3/header.h"
#include "ns3/packet.h"
#include "ns3/pointer.h"
#include "ns3/attribute.h"
#include "ns3/attribute-helper.h"
#include "ns3/address.h"
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class  ns3::OrganizationIdentifier
 the organization identifier is a public organizationally unique identifier assigned by the IEEE. More...
class  ns3::VendorSpecificActionHeader
 See IEEE 802.11-2007 chapter and 7.4.5 also IEEE 802.11p-2010 chapter 7.4.5 Although WifiActionHeader has been defined in wifi mgt-header.h/.cc, it is not a good way to inherit from it or add vendor specific action support. More...
class  ns3::VendorSpecificContentManager
 VendorSpecificContentManager class. More...


namespace  ns3
 Every class exported by the ns3 library is enclosed in the ns3 namespace.


typedef Callback< bool, Ptr< WifiMac >, const OrganizationIdentifier &, Ptr< const Packet >, const Address & > ns3::VscCallback


 ns3::ATTRIBUTE_HELPER_HEADER (OrganizationIdentifier)
bool ns3::operator!= (const OrganizationIdentifier &a, const OrganizationIdentifier &b)
 inequality operator More...
bool ns3::operator< (const OrganizationIdentifier &a, const OrganizationIdentifier &b)
 less than operator More...
std::ostream & ns3::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const OrganizationIdentifier &oi)
 output operator More...
bool ns3::operator== (const OrganizationIdentifier &a, const OrganizationIdentifier &b)
 equality operator More...
std::istream & ns3::operator>> (std::istream &is, const OrganizationIdentifier &oi)
 input operator More...


static const uint8_t ns3::CATEGORY_OF_VSA = 127
 see IEEE 802.11-2007 chapter Table 7-24—Category values More...
static std::vector< OrganizationIdentifier > ns3::OrganizationIdentifiers
 the OIs More...