A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
wifi-tcp.cc File Reference
#include "ns3/command-line.h"
#include "ns3/config.h"
#include "ns3/string.h"
#include "ns3/log.h"
#include "ns3/yans-wifi-helper.h"
#include "ns3/ssid.h"
#include "ns3/mobility-helper.h"
#include "ns3/on-off-helper.h"
#include "ns3/yans-wifi-channel.h"
#include "ns3/mobility-model.h"
#include "ns3/packet-sink.h"
#include "ns3/packet-sink-helper.h"
#include "ns3/tcp-westwood.h"
#include "ns3/internet-stack-helper.h"
#include "ns3/ipv4-address-helper.h"
#include "ns3/ipv4-global-routing-helper.h"
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void CalculateThroughput ()
 Calulate the throughput. More...


uint64_t lastTotalRx = 0
 The value of the last total received bytes. More...
Ptr< PacketSinksink
 Pointer to the packet sink application. More...

Detailed Description


$ ./ns3 run "wifi-tcp [Program Options]"

Program Options

Payload size in bytes [1472]
Application data ate [100Mbps]
Transport protocol to use: TcpNewReno, TcpHybla, TcpHighSpeed, TcpHtcp, TcpVegas, TcpScalable, TcpVeno, TcpBic, TcpYeah, TcpIllinois, TcpWestwood, TcpWestwoodPlus, TcpLedbat [TcpNewReno]
Physical layer bitrate [HtMcs7]
Simulation time in seconds [10]
Enable/disable PCAP Tracing [false]

Definition in file wifi-tcp.cc.

Function Documentation

◆ CalculateThroughput()

void CalculateThroughput ( )

Calulate the throughput.

Definition at line 63 of file wifi-tcp.cc.

References CalculateThroughput(), ns3::Time::GetSeconds(), ns3::PacketSink::GetTotalRx(), lastTotalRx, ns3::MilliSeconds(), ns3::Now(), and sink.

Referenced by CalculateThroughput().

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Variable Documentation

◆ lastTotalRx

uint64_t lastTotalRx = 0

The value of the last total received bytes.

Definition at line 57 of file wifi-tcp.cc.

Referenced by CalculateThroughput().

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