A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
wifi-test.cc File Reference
#include "ns3/string.h"
#include "ns3/yans-wifi-helper.h"
#include "ns3/mobility-helper.h"
#include "ns3/wifi-net-device.h"
#include "ns3/adhoc-wifi-mac.h"
#include "ns3/ap-wifi-mac.h"
#include "ns3/propagation-loss-model.h"
#include "ns3/yans-error-rate-model.h"
#include "ns3/constant-position-mobility-model.h"
#include "ns3/test.h"
#include "ns3/pointer.h"
#include "ns3/rng-seed-manager.h"
#include "ns3/config.h"
#include "ns3/error-model.h"
#include "ns3/socket.h"
#include "ns3/packet-socket-server.h"
#include "ns3/packet-socket-client.h"
#include "ns3/packet-socket-helper.h"
#include "ns3/spectrum-wifi-helper.h"
#include "ns3/multi-model-spectrum-channel.h"
#include "ns3/wifi-spectrum-signal-parameters.h"
#include "ns3/yans-wifi-phy.h"
#include "ns3/mgt-headers.h"
#include "ns3/ht-configuration.h"
#include "ns3/wifi-ppdu.h"
#include "ns3/wifi-psdu.h"
#include "ns3/waypoint-mobility-model.h"
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class  Bug2222TestCase
 Make sure that when virtual collision occurs the wifi remote station manager is triggered and the retry counter is increased. More...
class  Bug2470TestCase
 Make sure that the ADDBA handshake process is protected. More...
class  Bug2831TestCase
 Make sure that the channel width and the channel number can be changed at runtime. More...
class  Bug2843TestCase
 Make sure that the correct channel width and center frequency have been set for OFDM basic rate transmissions and BSS channel widths larger than 20 MHz. More...
class  Bug730TestCase
 Make sure that when changing the fragmentation threshold during the simulation, the TCP transmission does not unexpectedly stop. More...
class  DcfImmediateAccessBroadcastTestCase
 Make sure that when multiple broadcast packets are queued on the same device in a short succession, that: 1) no backoff occurs if the frame arrives and the idle time >= DIFS or AIFSn (this is 'DCF immediate access', Figure 9-3 of IEEE 802.11-2012) 2) a backoff occurs for the second frame that arrives (this is clearly stated in Sec. More...
class  IdealRateManagerChannelWidthTest
 Make sure that Ideal rate manager properly selects MCS based on the configured channel width. More...
class  IdealRateManagerMimoTest
 Test to validate that Ideal rate manager properly selects TXVECTOR in scenarios where MIMO is used. More...
class  InterferenceHelperSequenceTest
 See Bug 991 More...
class  Issue169TestCase
 Make sure that Ideal rate manager is able to handle non best-effort traffic. More...
class  Issue40TestCase
 Make sure that Ideal rate manager recovers when the station is moving away from the access point. More...
class  QosFragmentationTestCase
 Make sure that fragmentation works with QoS stations. More...
class  QosUtilsIsOldPacketTest
 Qos Utils Is Old Packet Test. More...
class  SetChannelFrequencyTest
 Set Channel Frequency Test. More...
class  StaWifiMacScanningTestCase
 Make sure that Wifi STA is correctly associating to the best AP (i.e., nearest from STA). More...
class  WifiTest
 Wifi Test. More...
class  WifiTestSuite
 Wifi Test Suite. More...


static void AssignWifiRandomStreams (Ptr< WifiMac > mac, int64_t stream)


static WifiTestSuite g_wifiTestSuite
 the test suite More...

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static void AssignWifiRandomStreams ( Ptr< WifiMac mac,
int64_t  stream 

Definition at line 57 of file wifi-test.cc.

References ns3::Txop::AssignStreams(), ns3::PointerValue::Get(), ns3::ObjectBase::GetAttribute(), and third::mac.

Referenced by DcfImmediateAccessBroadcastTestCase::DoRun().

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◆ g_wifiTestSuite

WifiTestSuite g_wifiTestSuite

the test suite

Definition at line 2962 of file wifi-test.cc.