ns-3.17 was released on 14 May 2013. This release features a new file descriptor NetDevice model, with helpers defined for associating a file descriptor with packet sockets for network emulation, and with tap devices to support testbed usage including PlanetLab integration; new TCP Westwood and Westwood+ models; better integration with the Click modular router; and an update to the Waf build system.

This release also incorporates the M5 release of the LENA project, with the following new features: MIMO model, HARQ model integrated with error model, Control Channel and Reference Signals models, MAC Random Access model with protocol interference model for preamble collisions, RRC implementation with new UE and ENB state machines and ASN.1-encoded RRC PDUs sent over Signaling Radio Bearers, RLC TM model, MME, S1-AP and S11 logical models, X2 implementation supporting handover and SON primitives, additional KPIs: RSRP & SINR traces, PHY tx/rx traces, SRB stats, and bug fixes.

The release also incorporates the new Bake software integration tool, which allows access to the initial release of the Direct Code Execution environment, a framework to execute real kernel and application code from within ns-3.

The latest ns-3.17 source code can be downloaded from here while the extensive documentation is available in a variety of formats from here.