ns-3 is an open source project and relies on contributions from the broad community of users and researchers. If you are using ns-3, it is possible to give back something to the project in one of the following ways:

  • List discussions: if you know the answer to a question or simply feel you can contribute constructively to a discussion on one of our mailing-lists, do not hesitate to reply publicly on the users or developers (archive) mailing-lists.
  • Bug reports: if you think you have found a bug, report it to help us improve the quality of our software.
  • Providing tutorials or wiki content: if you figure out some non-obvious solution to a problem with ns-3, if you write some documentation or give a tutorial about ns-3, consider adding these to the wiki.
  • Contributing code: if you write a new model, modify an existing model to add a new feature, or fix some bugs, consider submitting the code.
  • Maintaining the simulator: if you have enough spare time and know-how to maintain some part of the simulator (e.g., Windows build, tutorial, wiki, a particular protocol, etc.), please contact someone on the development team.