DCE-1.1 was released on 1st September, 2013. This is the 2nd release of the project, including numerous bug fixes and the following feature supports.

– LTE (LteUeNetDevice) Support with multipath TCP
– early version aspect tracing: Bug 1598 – include tracing system for kernel code Bugs fixed

The code has been tested:

– Ubuntu 10.04 64bit
– Ubuntu 12.04 32bit/64bit
– Ubuntu 12.10 64bit
– Ubuntu 13.04 64bit
– Fedora 18 32bit

The latest DCE-1.1 document is available which describes how to install the software in the QuickStartGuide.

API Documentation: Coverage of the APIs using Doxygen.
Manual: pdfhtml (split page)html (single page)
Manual (quagga submodule): pdfhtml (split page)html (single page)
Manual (umip submodule): pdfhtml (split page)html (single page)