DCE-1.3 was released on 18th June, 2014. This is the 4th release of the project, mainly including numerous bug fixes. More information is available in the Release Notes. The followings are a couple of new feature in this release.

  • DCE now requires an additional option to LDFLAGS for applications running on DCE (Bug 1773).
    • (new) we need ‘-rdynamic’ option from now to resolve symbols defined in PIE applications.
  • LinuxStackHelper now can configure IPv6 addresses with the support of Ipv6AddressHelper
  • DCE Cradle now support IPv6 sockets (TCP6, UDP6, RAW6, DCCP6, SCTP6)
  • Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) support, DCE Cradle as well
  • FreeBSD version of network stack is now supported (Bug 1878).
  • Support for Python bindings. The bindings do not exactly match the C++ API

The code has been tested:

    • Ubuntu 10.04 64bit
    • Ubuntu 12.04 32bit/64bit
    • Ubuntu 12.10 64bit
    • Ubuntu 13.04 64bit
    • Ubuntu 13.10 64bit (new)
    • Fedora 18 32bit
    • CentOS 6.2 64bit

The latest DCE-1.3 document is available which describes how to install the software in the QuickStartGuide.

API Documentation: Coverage of the APIs using Doxygen.

Manual: pdfhtml (split page)html (single page)

Manual (quagga submodule): pdfhtml (split page)html (single page)

Manual (umip submodule): pdfhtml (split page)html (single page)