Accepted Posters/Demos


  • DNEmu: An Architecture for Distributed Network Emulation
    Hajime Tazaki, Hitoshi Asaeda
  • Bake an Open Source Integration Tool for the ns-3 Project (pdf)
    Mathieu Lacage, Daniel Camara, Theirry Turletti, Walid Dabbous
  • Direct Code Execution for ns-3 (pdf)
    Mathieu Lacage, Frederic Urbani, Thierry Turletti, Walid Dabbous
  • Validation of ns-3 WiFi Distributed Coordination Function Model
    Guangyu Pei, Thomas Goff and Thomas R. Henderson
  • Managing heterogeneous ns-3 experiments with NEPI (pdf)
    Alina Quereilhac, Thierry Turletti, Walid Dabbous
  • NS-3 Implementation of a Measurement-based Link Model: the BOWL Indoor Model
    Mustafa Al-Bado, Ruben Merz, Cigdem Sengul
  • New Stochastic Propagation Models for ns-3 (pdf)
    Kirill Andreev, Alexander Sofronov
  • SAFE: Simulation Automation Framework for Experiments
    L. Felipe Perrone, Christopher S. Main


  • A Demonstration of an NS3 Real-time Distributed Scheduler with Antenna Modeling
    Ken Renard, Brian Panneton, Christopher Kosecki
  • NetAnim 3
    John Abraham, George Riley