Accepted Papers

  • A Position Based Routing Module for Simulations of VANETs in NS-3: (slides)
    Konstantinos Katsaros, Mehrdad Dianati and Karsten Roscher
  • Building a modular BitTorrent model for ns-3:
    Elias Weingaertner, René Glebke, Martin Lang and Klaus Wehrle
  • A Benchmark Model for Parallel ns3: 
    Peter Barnes
  • Low Resolution Radio Model for ns-3: (slides)
    Kirill Andreev, Pavel Boyko and Denis Fakhriev
  • Geographic routing implementation in NS3: (slides)
    António Fonseca, André Camões and Teresa Vazão
  • ns-3 RPL module: IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low power and Lossy Networks: (slides)
    Lorenzo Bartolozzi, Tommaso Pecorella and Romano Fantacci
  • A Performance and Scalability Evaluation of the NS-3 Distributed Scheduler: (slides)
    Ken Renard, Charles Peri and Jerry Clarke
  • Simulator-Agnostic ns–3 Applications:
    John Abraham and George Riley

  • A new model for the simulation of the LTE-EPC data plane: (slides)
    Nicola Baldo, Manuel Requena, Jaume Nin and Marco Miozzo
  • McMAC: a power efficient, short preamble Multi-Channel Medium Access Control protocol for wireless sensor networks: (slides)
    Riccardo Bonetto, Nicola Bui, Michele Rossi and Michele Zorzi
  • Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) Protocol Implementation in ns-3:
    Yufei Cheng, Egemen Cetinkaya and James Sterbenz