• Tom Henderson (Boeing): “ns-3 state, recent achievements and planned future directions”
    Abstract: “This talk will briefly review the progress in ns-3 since the past workshop, and will mainly focus on planned and possible future directions for the project.
  • Mathieu Lacage (Personal affiliation): “ns-3 past and future, lessons learned” (slides)
    Abstract: “Over the past 8 years, many people, including myself, have invested a lot of sweat and tears into ns-3 to make sure it becomes useful to the networking research community. Our real success, though, is that the project has grown from a couple of engineers and researchers working together in a few labs into a lively community of contributors spread around the globe who interact dayly over our mailing-lists. New talented developers join our open-source community every year and start pulling the project in new and interesting directions to “scratch their itch”. While many of the users I talk to are excited about specific features they love, I feel that our greatest achievement has been our ability to build upon these individual itches to make steady progress towards our vision of the kind of network simulator we wanted to build. This vision has not yet fully become true but it is slowly getting more real every year. Before we get there and ns-3 becomes “perfect” (i.e., dead), I would like to take the opportunity of this keynote to share more widely some of the most interesting mistakes I have made on the way and the impact of these mistakes on the evolution of our vision of where ns-3 should be headed. More specifically, I will try to illustrate through these mistakes how the ns-3 object model evolved incrementally until it reached its current state and how I envision it will evolve over the next couple of years to deal with the itches brought by new users. — Mathieu