Registration should be made at this RegOnline site by May 30. If registration cannot be made on that site for some reason, please contact Tom Henderson (general chair).

Registration must be paid in full prior to attending the first session. Registrations made after May 30, 2016 will be subject to a $15.00 late fee.

Registration fees cover the cost of holding the meeting, and any extra funding will be provided to the the ns-3 Consortium for future use by the open source project. Discount rates are available to attendees from a governmental facility (e.g. a national lab), academic institution, or other non-profit organization. Student rates are available to students meeting the IEEE criteria for student membership. No registration is required to attend the ns-3 Annual Meeting on Thursday afternoon.

  • Industry
    • Training (Monday)  $500.00
    • Training (Tuesday)  $500.00
    • WNS3 (Wednesday)  $200.00
    • WNPE (Friday)  $200.00
    • WNS3 + WNPE (combined)  $300.00
  • Government/Academic/Non-profit
    • Training (Monday)  $250.00
    • Training (Tuesday)  $250.00
    • WNS3 (Wednesday)  $100.00
    • WNPE (Friday)  $100.00
    • WNS3 + WNPE (combined)  $150.00
  • Student
    • Training (Monday)  $50.00
    • Training (Tuesday)  $50.00
    • WNS3 (Wednesday)  $50.00
    • WNPE (Friday)  $50.00
    • WNS3 + WNPE (combined)  $75.00