Registration is closed for this event.

Registration fees cover the cost of holding the meeting, and any extra funding is provided to the the ns-3 Consortium for future use by the open source project. Discount rates are available to attendees from a governmental facility (e.g. a national lab), academic institution, or other non-profit organization. Student rates are available to students meeting the IEEE criteria for student membership. No registration is required to attend the ns-3 Consortium Annual Meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

  • Industry
    • Training (Monday)  $500.00
    • WNS3 (Tuesday-Wednesday)  $250.00
  • Government/Academic/Non-profit
    • Training (Monday)  $250.00
    • WNS3 (Tuesday-Wednesday)  $150.00
  • Student
    • Training (Monday)  $50.00
    • WNS3 (Tuesday-Wednesday)  $50.00