Accepted Posters, Demos, and Short Talks

Accepted posters and demos will be listed here as they are accepted.

  • Demo: InteractiveWeb Visualizer for IEEE 802.11ah ns-3 Module, Amina Šljivo, Dwight Kerkhove, Ingrid Moerman, Eli De Poorter, Jeroen Hoebeke
  • Poster: Implementation of LISP/MN under ns-3, Yue Li, Luigi Iannone, Benoit Donnet, Lionel Agbodjan
  • Poster: An Accurate ns-3 LoRaWAN Module, Martina Capuzzo, Davide Magrin, Andrea Zanella
  • Poster: Recent Developments and Results for the ns-3 mmWave Module, Menglei Zhang, Michele Polese, Tommaso Zugno, Marco Mezzavilla, Sundeep Rangan, Michele Zorzi
  • Poster: Implementation of DHCP Relay Functionality in ns-3, Aswanth P. P., Joe Antony, Mohit Tahiliani
  • Poster: Extending ns-3 DCE to support fping application: Challenges and Solutions,
    Sourabh Jain, Mohit Tahiliani
  • Poster: An ns-3 Distribution Supporting MPTCP and MPEG-DASH Obtained by Merging Community Models, Vitalii Poliakov, Damien Saucez, Lucile Sassatelli
  • Poster: Analyzing the Effects of Number of Nodes, Range, Slot Time, CW-size of CW-MAC Protocol of UASN, Nikhil Jadhav, Pralhad Magadum, Kiran Hanchin, Amaresh Y, P. M. Pujar,
  • Poster: Implementation and Evaluation of Dynamic Receiver Window Adjustment (DRWA) Algorithm in ns-3, Adesh N. D., Renuka A.
  • Work in progress: Implementation of the IEEE 802.11af standard on ns-3, Varun Reddy, Gordon Stüber
  • Work in progress: Implementation of Media Independent Handover in ns-3, Susanna Ruth Peter, B. R. Chandavarkar, Mohit Tahiliani