A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::AarfcdWifiRemoteStation Struct Reference

hold per-remote-station state for AARF-CD Wifi manager. More...

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Public Attributes

uint32_t m_failed
bool m_haveASuccess
bool m_justModifyRate
uint32_t m_rate
bool m_recovery
uint32_t m_retry
uint32_t m_rtsCounter
bool m_rtsOn
uint32_t m_rtsWnd
uint32_t m_success
uint32_t m_successThreshold
uint32_t m_timer
uint32_t m_timerTimeout
- Public Attributes inherited from ns3::WifiRemoteStation
uint32_t m_slrc
 STA long retry count. More...
uint32_t m_ssrc
 STA short retry count. More...
 Remote station state. More...
uint8_t m_tid
 traffic ID More...

Detailed Description

hold per-remote-station state for AARF-CD Wifi manager.

This struct extends from WifiRemoteStation struct to hold additional information required by the AARF-CD Wifi manager

Definition at line 43 of file aarfcd-wifi-manager.cc.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t ns3::AarfcdWifiRemoteStation::m_failed
bool ns3::AarfcdWifiRemoteStation::m_justModifyRate
bool ns3::AarfcdWifiRemoteStation::m_recovery
uint32_t ns3::AarfcdWifiRemoteStation::m_retry
uint32_t ns3::AarfcdWifiRemoteStation::m_success
uint32_t ns3::AarfcdWifiRemoteStation::m_successThreshold
uint32_t ns3::AarfcdWifiRemoteStation::m_timer
uint32_t ns3::AarfcdWifiRemoteStation::m_timerTimeout

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