A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1 Class Reference

This system test program creates different test cases with a single eNB and several UEs, all having the same Radio Bearer specification. More...

#include <lte-test-fdtbfq-ff-mac-scheduler.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1 (uint16_t nUser, uint16_t dist, double thrRefDl, double thrRefUl, uint16_t packetSize, uint16_t interval, bool errorModelEnabled)
virtual ~LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1 ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ns3::TestCase
virtual ~TestCase ()
 Destructor. More...
std::string GetName (void) const

Private Member Functions

virtual void DoRun (void)
 Implementation to actually run this TestCase. More...

Static Private Member Functions

static std::string BuildNameString (uint16_t nUser, uint16_t dist)

Private Attributes

uint16_t m_dist
bool m_errorModelEnabled
uint16_t m_interval
uint16_t m_nUser
uint16_t m_packetSize
double m_thrRefDl
double m_thrRefUl

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ns3::TestCase
enum  TestDuration { QUICK = 1, EXTENSIVE = 2, TAKES_FOREVER = 3 }
 How long the test takes to execute. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ns3::TestCase
 TestCase (std::string name)
void AddTestCase (TestCase *testCase) NS_DEPRECATED
 Add an individual child TestCase case to this TestCase. More...
void AddTestCase (TestCase *testCase, enum TestDuration duration)
 Add an individual child TestCase to this test suite. More...
bool GetErrorStatus (void) const NS_DEPRECATED
TestCaseGetParent () const
bool IsStatusFailure (void) const
bool IsStatusSuccess (void) const
void SetDataDir (std::string directory)
void ReportTestFailure (std::string cond, std::string actual, std::string limit, std::string message, std::string file, int32_t line)
 Log the failure of this TestCase. More...
bool MustAssertOnFailure (void) const
bool MustContinueOnFailure (void) const
std::string CreateDataDirFilename (std::string filename)
std::string CreateTempDirFilename (std::string filename)

Detailed Description

This system test program creates different test cases with a single eNB and several UEs, all having the same Radio Bearer specification.

In each test case, the UEs see the same SINR from the eNB; different test cases are implemented obtained by using different SINR values and different numbers of UEs. The test consists on checking that the obtained throughput performance is equal among users is consistent with the definition of token bank fair queue scheduling

Definition at line 42 of file lte-test-fdtbfq-ff-mac-scheduler.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1::LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1 ( uint16_t  nUser,
uint16_t  dist,
double  thrRefDl,
double  thrRefUl,
uint16_t  packetSize,
uint16_t  interval,
bool  errorModelEnabled 

Definition at line 240 of file lte-test-fdtbfq-ff-mac-scheduler.cc.

LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1::~LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1 ( )

Definition at line 252 of file lte-test-fdtbfq-ff-mac-scheduler.cc.

Member Function Documentation

std::string LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1::BuildNameString ( uint16_t  nUser,
uint16_t  dist 

Definition at line 232 of file lte-test-fdtbfq-ff-mac-scheduler.cc.

void LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1::DoRun ( void  )

Implementation to actually run this TestCase.

Subclasses should override this method to conduct their tests.

Check that the downlink assignation is done in a "token bank fair queue" manner

Check that the uplink assignation is done in a "round robin" manner

Implements ns3::TestCase.

Definition at line 257 of file lte-test-fdtbfq-ff-mac-scheduler.cc.

References ns3::LteHelper::ActivateDedicatedEpsBearer(), ns3::ApplicationContainer::Add(), ns3::Ipv4StaticRouting::AddNetworkRouteTo(), ns3::Ipv4AddressHelper::Assign(), ns3::LteHelper::Attach(), first::clientApps, ns3::NodeContainer::Create(), data, ns3::LteHelper::EnableMacTraces(), ns3::LteHelper::EnableRlcTraces(), ns3::GbrQosInformation::gbrDl, ns3::GbrQosInformation::gbrUl, ns3::NetDeviceContainer::Get(), ns3::NodeContainer::Get(), ns3::Ipv4InterfaceContainer::GetAddress(), ns3::RadioBearerStatsCalculator::GetDlRxData(), ns3::NodeContainer::GetN(), ns3::TestCase::GetName(), ns3::Object::GetObject(), ns3::LteUeNetDevice::GetPhy(), ns3::LteEnbNetDevice::GetPhy(), ns3::LteHelper::GetRlcStats(), ns3::Ipv4StaticRoutingHelper::GetStaticRouting(), ns3::RadioBearerStatsCalculator::GetUlRxData(), ns3::PacketSinkHelper::Install(), ns3::PointToPointHelper::Install(), ns3::InternetStackHelper::Install(), ns3::UdpClientHelper::Install(), ns3::MobilityHelper::Install(), ns3::LteHelper::InstallEnbDevice(), ns3::LteHelper::InstallUeDevice(), m_dist, m_errorModelEnabled, m_interval, m_nUser, m_packetSize, m_thrRefDl, m_thrRefUl, ns3::GbrQosInformation::mbrDl, ns3::GbrQosInformation::mbrUl, NS_LOG_FUNCTION, NS_LOG_INFO, NS_TEST_ASSERT_MSG_EQ_TOL, first::serverApps, ns3::ObjectBase::SetAttribute(), ns3::UdpClientHelper::SetAttribute(), ns3::Ipv4AddressHelper::SetBase(), ns3::PointToPointHelper::SetChannelAttribute(), ns3::Config::SetDefault(), ns3::Ipv4StaticRouting::SetDefaultRoute(), ns3::PointToPointHelper::SetDeviceAttribute(), ns3::LteHelper::SetEpcHelper(), ns3::MobilityHelper::SetMobilityModel(), ns3::MobilityModel::SetPosition(), ns3::LteHelper::SetSchedulerType(), and ns3::ApplicationContainer::Start().

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Member Data Documentation

uint16_t LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1::m_dist

Definition at line 52 of file lte-test-fdtbfq-ff-mac-scheduler.h.

Referenced by DoRun().

bool LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1::m_errorModelEnabled

Definition at line 57 of file lte-test-fdtbfq-ff-mac-scheduler.h.

Referenced by DoRun().

uint16_t LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1::m_interval

Definition at line 54 of file lte-test-fdtbfq-ff-mac-scheduler.h.

Referenced by DoRun().

uint16_t LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1::m_nUser

Definition at line 51 of file lte-test-fdtbfq-ff-mac-scheduler.h.

Referenced by DoRun().

uint16_t LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1::m_packetSize

Definition at line 53 of file lte-test-fdtbfq-ff-mac-scheduler.h.

Referenced by DoRun().

double LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1::m_thrRefDl

Definition at line 55 of file lte-test-fdtbfq-ff-mac-scheduler.h.

Referenced by DoRun().

double LenaFdTbfqFfMacSchedulerTestCase1::m_thrRefUl

Definition at line 56 of file lte-test-fdtbfq-ff-mac-scheduler.h.

Referenced by DoRun().

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