A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
ns3::PhyTransmissionStatParameters Struct Reference

#include "lte-common.h"

Public Types

typedef void(* TracedCallback) (const PhyTransmissionStatParameters params)
 TracedCallback signature. More...

Public Attributes

uint16_t m_cellId
 Cell ID of the attached Enb. More...
uint64_t m_imsi
 IMSI of the scheduled UE. More...
uint8_t m_layer
 the layer (cw) of the transmission More...
uint8_t m_mcs
 MCS for transport block. More...
uint8_t m_ndi
 new data indicator flag More...
uint16_t m_rnti
 C-RNTI scheduled. More...
uint8_t m_rv
 the redundancy version (HARQ) More...
uint16_t m_size
 Size of transport block. More...
int64_t m_timestamp
uint8_t m_txMode
 the transmission Mode More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 118 of file lte-common.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* ns3::PhyTransmissionStatParameters::TracedCallback) (const PhyTransmissionStatParameters params)

TracedCallback signature.

[in]paramsValue of the PhyTransmissionionStatParameters.
The argument should be passed by const reference, since it's large.

Definition at line 137 of file lte-common.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint16_t ns3::PhyTransmissionStatParameters::m_cellId
uint8_t ns3::PhyTransmissionStatParameters::m_layer
uint8_t ns3::PhyTransmissionStatParameters::m_mcs
uint8_t ns3::PhyTransmissionStatParameters::m_ndi
uint8_t ns3::PhyTransmissionStatParameters::m_rv
uint16_t ns3::PhyTransmissionStatParameters::m_size
uint8_t ns3::PhyTransmissionStatParameters::m_txMode

the transmission Mode

Definition at line 124 of file lte-common.h.

Referenced by ns3::LteUePhy::ReceiveLteControlMessageList(), and ns3::LteEnbPhy::StartSubFrame().

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