A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
ns3::TrafficControlLayer::NetDeviceInfo Struct Reference

Information to store for each device. More...

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Public Attributes

Ptr< NetDeviceQueueInterfacendqi
 the netdevice queue interface More...
QueueDiscVector queueDiscsToWake
 the vector of queue discs to wake More...
Ptr< QueueDiscrootQueueDisc
 the root queue disc on the device More...
SelectQueueCallback selectQueueCallback
 the select queue callback More...

Detailed Description

Information to store for each device.

Definition at line 229 of file traffic-control-layer.h.

Member Data Documentation

Ptr<NetDeviceQueueInterface> ns3::TrafficControlLayer::NetDeviceInfo::ndqi

the netdevice queue interface

Definition at line 231 of file traffic-control-layer.h.

QueueDiscVector ns3::TrafficControlLayer::NetDeviceInfo::queueDiscsToWake

the vector of queue discs to wake

Definition at line 232 of file traffic-control-layer.h.

Ptr<QueueDisc> ns3::TrafficControlLayer::NetDeviceInfo::rootQueueDisc

the root queue disc on the device

Definition at line 230 of file traffic-control-layer.h.

SelectQueueCallback ns3::TrafficControlLayer::NetDeviceInfo::selectQueueCallback

the select queue callback

Definition at line 233 of file traffic-control-layer.h.

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