A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
ns3::InterferenceHelper::NiChange Class Reference

Noise and Interference (thus Ni) event. More...

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Public Member Functions

 NiChange (Time time, double delta, Ptr< InterferenceHelper::Event > event)
 Create a NiChange at the given time and the amount of NI change. More...
double GetDelta (void) const
 Return the power. More...
Ptr< InterferenceHelper::EventGetEvent (void) const
 Return the event causes the corresponding NI change. More...
Time GetTime (void) const
 Return the event time. More...
bool operator< (const NiChange &o) const
 Compare the event time of two NiChange objects (a < o). More...

Private Attributes

double m_delta
 delta More...
Ptr< InterferenceHelper::Eventm_event
 event More...
Time m_time
 time More...

Detailed Description

Noise and Interference (thus Ni) event.

Definition at line 215 of file interference-helper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ns3::InterferenceHelper::NiChange::NiChange ( Time  time,
double  delta,
Ptr< InterferenceHelper::Event event 

Create a NiChange at the given time and the amount of NI change.

timetime of the event
deltathe power
eventcauses this NI change

Definition at line 97 of file interference-helper.cc.

Member Function Documentation

double ns3::InterferenceHelper::NiChange::GetDelta ( void  ) const

Return the power.

the power

Definition at line 111 of file interference-helper.cc.

Ptr< InterferenceHelper::Event > ns3::InterferenceHelper::NiChange::GetEvent ( void  ) const

Return the event causes the corresponding NI change.

the event

Definition at line 117 of file interference-helper.cc.

Time ns3::InterferenceHelper::NiChange::GetTime ( void  ) const

Return the event time.

the event time.

Definition at line 105 of file interference-helper.cc.

Referenced by ns3::InterferenceHelper::AddNiChangeEvent().

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bool ns3::InterferenceHelper::NiChange::operator< ( const NiChange o) const

Compare the event time of two NiChange objects (a < o).

true if a < o.time, false otherwise

Definition at line 123 of file interference-helper.cc.

References m_time.

Member Data Documentation

double ns3::InterferenceHelper::NiChange::m_delta


Definition at line 255 of file interference-helper.h.

Ptr<InterferenceHelper::Event> ns3::InterferenceHelper::NiChange::m_event


Definition at line 256 of file interference-helper.h.

Time ns3::InterferenceHelper::NiChange::m_time


Definition at line 254 of file interference-helper.h.

Referenced by operator<().

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