A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
Topology Input Readers
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 Topology module tests


class  ns3::InetTopologyReader
 Topology file reader (Inet-format type). More...
class  ns3::TopologyReader::Link
 Inner class holding the details about a link between two nodes. More...
class  ns3::OrbisTopologyReader
 Topology file reader (Orbis-format type). More...
class  ns3::RocketfuelTopologyReader
 Topology file reader (Rocketfuel-format type). More...
class  ns3::TopologyReader
 Interface for input file readers management. More...
class  ns3::TopologyReaderHelper
 Helper class which makes it easier to configure and use a generic TopologyReader. More...


enum  ns3::RocketfuelTopologyReader::RF_FileType { ns3::RocketfuelTopologyReader::RF_MAPS, ns3::RocketfuelTopologyReader::RF_WEIGHTS, ns3::RocketfuelTopologyReader::RF_UNKNOWN }
 Enum of the possible file types. More...

Detailed Description

Topology Input Readers Overview

The topology modules aim at reading a topology file generated by an automatic topology generator.

The process is divided in two steps:

Hence, model is focused on being able to read correctly the various topology formats.

Currently there are three models:

See the ns-3 modules manual for further informations.

Examples can be found in the directory src/topology-read/examples/

Enumeration Type Documentation

Enum of the possible file types.


Definition at line 95 of file rocketfuel-topology-reader.h.