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StandardInfo Struct Reference

StandardInfo structure. More...

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Public Member Functions

 StandardInfo ()
 StandardInfo (std::string name, enum WifiPhyStandard standard, uint16_t width, double snrLow, double snrHigh, double xMin, double xMax, double yMax)
 Constructor. More...

Public Attributes

std::string m_name
 name More...
double m_snrHigh
 highest SNR More...
double m_snrLow
 lowest SNR More...
enum WifiPhyStandard m_standard
 standard More...
uint16_t m_width
 channel width More...
double m_xMax
 X maximum. More...
double m_xMin
 X minimum. More...
double m_yMax
 Y maximum. More...

Detailed Description

StandardInfo structure.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StandardInfo::StandardInfo ( )

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StandardInfo::StandardInfo ( std::string  name,
enum WifiPhyStandard  standard,
uint16_t  width,
double  snrLow,
double  snrHigh,
double  xMin,
double  xMax,
double  yMax 


namereference name
standardwifi phy standard
widthchannel width
snrLowSNR low
snrHighSNR high
xMinx minimum
xMaxx maximum
yMaxy maximum

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Member Data Documentation

std::string StandardInfo::m_name


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double StandardInfo::m_snrHigh

highest SNR

Definition at line 120 of file wifi-manager-example.cc.

double StandardInfo::m_snrLow

lowest SNR

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enum WifiPhyStandard StandardInfo::m_standard


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uint16_t StandardInfo::m_width

channel width

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double StandardInfo::m_xMax

X maximum.

Definition at line 122 of file wifi-manager-example.cc.

double StandardInfo::m_xMin

X minimum.

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double StandardInfo::m_yMax

Y maximum.

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